ArdorAsia (Blog, Facebook & Instagram) is a great avenue to reach out and connect with target audiences located beyond Singapore and Asia who are looking to visit and explore Asia. The blog offers the latest food, travel & lifestyle information to plan their dream holiday in Asia. If you are specifically looking to target readers from Singapore, please visit AspirantSG instead.

1. ArdorAsia Blog

Traffic Statistics

The blog may be relatively new but it is on to a good start. Between July to October 2017, ArdorAsia was visited by more than 200,000 Unique Visitors and commanded over 220,000 Page Views

Readers Geo-location

Over 52% of our readers come from the United States as well as Europe. Given that we operate from Singapore, local readers still rank within top 10 of our geo-readership.

Brands can also leverage our Facebook Fan Page Instagram channels to broadcast your advertorials or messages out to our followers. We will be happy to conduct physical coverage for both ArdorAsia and AspirantSG for your event.

Contact ArdorAsia

We are open to discussing different ways of working together to promote your brand, products or services on, with or through the blog. This could be via any number of channels, including endorsements, advertisements, promotions, sponsorship opportunities or even events.

When you are ready, please contact us here.