5 Wonderful Perks Of Being A Guest Blogger

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Guest blogging simply mean to write and publish your blog post on someone else’s website or blog. This opportunity may come along as an invitation from the host blogger or a request from the interested guest blogger. Once initiated, the host blogger & guest blogger mus need to come to an agreement on the guest post topic and content. The host blogger will usually give credit and recognition to the guest blogger by allowing a personal bio and a backlink to their blog. It is a pity that not many Asian bloggers actively seek out guest blogging opportunities because there are so many benefits for the guest writer. Here are the 5 wonderful perks of being a guest posting.

1. Greater Exposure For Your Blog & Content

Your guest post subtly introduces you and provides a sneak preview of what your blog has to offer to new readers. Hence it is always important to cherish guest post opportunities and deliver good content that will really get your host blogger readers’ attention.

If your host blogger is part of an interest group community, a well-written guest post will make the community take notice and involve you in their future communications or activities. Regular guest posts of high-quality contents can lead to future guest post invitations as a website promoter on larger platforms.

2. Grow Traffic Grow!

Exposure of great content to new readers and communities will inevitably drive traffic and subsequent organic visits to your blog. We always value future organic traffic over the initial spike from the initial release of the guest post. Organic traffic will build the fundamental bedrock of your blog traffic and you need not be subjected to page view dips should you be too busy to post new entries on your blog for a period of time.

3. Works Wonders for Search Engine Optimisation 

We all know the importance of search engine optimisation for blog traffic. To rank high organically on Google, you will need extensive links from external websites. Guest blogging is a way to secure custom anchor text, high quality one-way external backlinks to your blog. If your content is seen as relevant and your blog keeps popping up for relevant and similar search terms, all the pages that you are on will experience a rise in search engine placement.

4. Build Relationship with Other Bloggers

By being a responsible guest writer and adding value to a host blog, you have the chance to build strong relationships with these host bloggers. Many of them have a strong presence across numerous social media channels such as Facebook & Twitter hence making them extremely influential. They are good network contacts to have. With this strong network, you will be able to grow your influence in the social media arena and ultimately enhance your blog readership & traffic.

5. Brand & Build Your Credibility

Host bloggers will only upload a quality guest post on their blogs. By contributing posts on a number of external blogs, you will gradually be seen as the subject matter expert. This helps build your credibility and makes it easy for people & search engine algorithms to trust you and take your word for it.

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