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Local dining start-up, 59, has collaborated with Hutong Yakiniku, an established Yakiniku brand hailing from Taiwan with over ten years of experience in the art of the grill. 59 Hutong Yakiniku is a new brand that marries the delectable experience of Yakiniku with warm Taiwanese service. The term “59”, a play on the Hokkien slang “Wu Jiu Wu Jio (五酒五揪)” which is loosely translated as “I’ll see you where there’s alcohol”, is a fun representation of the new restaurant’s mission to bring warmth, joy and merriment to their diners.  

Priding itself on its extensive selection of premium meats that include wagyu beef such as Japanese A5 Wagyu, Australian Wagyu, and US Prime Angus Beef, 59 Hutong Yakiniku brings only the best to the table. Its curation of Japanese Wagyu meats includes the indulgent Chateaubriand as well as tantalising cuts of filet, ribeye and classic striploin. One of its signatures also includes the Australian Wagyu Tongue, expertly prepared with precise cutting skills to retain a scrumptiously soft texture. As a part of the complete Taiwanese Yakiniku experience, 59 Hutong Yakiniku also offers exclusive items such as the crowd-favourite, umami-filled Cuttlefish Sausage and Raw Crab Roe in Crab Shells.

59 Hutong Yakiniku aims to bring the enthusiasm of the Taiwanese cultural spirit to a modern Yakiniku dining experience in Singapore. Driven by its core belief of treating its customers as friends, the brand hopes that through great food and unparalleled service, customers will feel relaxed and at home. In addition to keeping to its promise of only serving premium ingredients alongside exquisite culinary 2 techniques and expert seasoning, the brand is also truly committed to letting the natural quality and freshness of its ingredients shine.

Today, 59 Hutong Yakiniku is proud to present its first concept store in Singapore in the lively heart of the Central Business District at 35 Boat Quay. 

The 59 Hutong Yakiniku Signatures

The Chateaubriand

Named after the French author François-René de Chateaubriand, the Chateaubriand steak cut is trimmed from the centre of the beef fillet. The recommended doneness for consuming premium beef is medium to fully experience its fabulous juicy texture and to savour its elegant aroma that envelopes the entire palette. By simply seasoning it with a tinge of sea salt and pepper, the flavour of the Chateaubriand is immediately elevated. Another beef cut not to be missed is the Prime Australian Wagyu Beef Tongue. Prepared with dexterous cutting techniques, the beef tongue boasts a delicate texture. 59 Hutong Yakiniku recommends a medium-done beef tongue – resulting in a crispy outer layer and a moist inner layer for guests to enjoy an explosion of meaty juiciness with every bite.

US Prime Angus Beef Selection

A key feature of the US Prime Angus beef selection at 59 Hutong Yakiniku is its abundance of teriyaki flavour, marinated to perfection into the meats. Combined with excellent grilling techniques, the unmistakable quality of the steak is exemplified to its fullest. The ribeye cut also features luscious juiciness and a tender texture, a true testament to its marvellous marbling. To best enjoy this cut, 59 Hutong Yakiniku recommends medium doneness to best showcase its softness and succulence. The classic Dallas cube is also another one of the restaurant’s signature meats that showcase incredible juiciness and rich flavours.

Taiwanese Signatures with a Twist 

Embracing the brand’s Taiwanese roots, 59 Hutong Yakiniku’s menu also features an exciting twist on the Taiwanese delicacy, the braised pork rice. The exclusive Wagyu Beef Japanese Rice is crafted with a beefy concoction of Japanese and Australian wagyu for a truly satisfying meal for any meat and carb lover.

Other must-tries on the menu include the Cuttlefish Sausage and Raw Crab Roe in Crab Shell. The Cuttlefish Sausage is made using sashimi-grade Penghu cuttlefish, which is grilled gently over low heat to retain its excellent, bouncy texture for a beloved taste of the sea. The restaurant’s signature Raw Crab Roe in Crab Shell is seasoned with Japanese miso and topped with butter and crab sticks, elevating its creaminess and lusciousness – making it a perfect dish on its own or even when mixed into a piping hot bowl of fluffy, white rice.

The 59 Hutong Yakiniku Concept Store

59 Hutong Yakiniku’s first concept store is imbued with woody tones to represent the warmth of Taiwanese hospitality and love of communal dining.  The entire interior design of 59 Hutong Yakiniku’s first concept store at Boat Quay focuses on delivering a classic Japanese Yakiniku restaurant ambience. Through woody tones, the interiors emanate a warm and intimate dining experience, a nod to the congeniality of Taiwanese hospitality. A signature Japanese lantern bearing the brand emblem acts as an iconic marker, leading meat lovers into the universe of 59 Hutong Yakiniku. 

59 Hutong Yakiniku – Visit Them 

59 Hutong Yakiniku is located at 35 Boat Quay, Singapore 049824. Their opening Hours are Mondays to Sundays, 12pm to 3.30pm (Lunch), 5.30pm to 11pm (Dinner). For reservations, kindly click here. 

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