6 Asian Financial Centres Worth Visiting In 2024

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Given its growing popularity over the past year, foreign exchange has found a place in countries across the globe. Asia is a leading hub in stocks, indices, CFDs, commodities, and financial futures. Naturally, it is expected that we will see a lot of countries and cities on the continent dominating the global financial market. Here is a look at these big cities and why they are topping the chart in the currency market.


In most cases, Singapore is outperforming the market’s list of investors and traders. One of the reasons for this is its status as a tax haven and a country with less stringent restrictions for diverse assets. For example, people can trade cryptocurrencies here without paying taxes. The government supports no capital gains, meaning participants do not pay crypto taxes on their trade profits.

The tax policies in Singapore are favorable and constantly attract financial institutions in banking, insurance, and foreign exchange markets. In addition, the country’s workforce is tech and finance-savvy, and people are highly interested in new techs like crypto, NFTs, and digitized assets.

This makes the location open to investment opportunities in all financial markets, including CFD trading, stocks, currency exchange, and cryptocurrencies. The next time you visit Singapore, it should be for its stable business and financial climate.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s position in the market is significant. As of December 2023, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEX) was the 7th largest global stock exchange and Asia’s 4th largest by market capitalization.

This city runs on several policies and systems that have allowed trading and the stock market to thrive. In 2014, the Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect was launched to establish a cross-border channel of transactions and access to many other markets and investments.

This system has helped investors in China easily trade with others through local securities. At the heart of this city are leading multinationals and corporations with significant ties to the money market. And, like Singapore, Hong Kong is also tax-friendly, with very few and low tax rates across varying sectors.


Being China’s biggest city and one of the most popular worldwide, Shanghai has a massive advantage in the financial market regarding liquidity and investors. The city’s financial sector saw rapid changes following the 1990 events of China’s border economic reforms. Shanghai’s Stock Exchange (SSE) is beating Hong Kong as the 3rd largest by market capitalization. Other currency investments, like CFDs, commodities, and stocks, also thrive in this city. With the SSE, individual and institutional investors can easily trade these assets. Although China officially banned cryptocurrencies, trading platforms and brokerage systems are free, and people can operate in the forex market for profit.


Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) group ended December 2023 with a capitalization of $5.9 trillion. This shows how much the foreign exchange market is thriving in the region. TSE offers market statistics and other trading information. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are legal in Japan, so the city doesn’t enforce restrictions on people using these digital assets. Popular exchanges like Binance, Coinbase, and Coindesk support the buying and selling of crypto assets for profit.


Malaysia is another top Asian country that accommodates a lot of financial investments. Real estate is the country’s leading sector due to the way it thrives in tourism and travel. Landed properties are not off-limit to foreign investors, and you can also get freehold condos and homes for lease. Many people are interested in buying properties here because purchasing any land can qualify you for visa programs like the MM2H and other linked incentives.

In addition, the country is open to other forms of investment like foreign exchange, commodities, CFDs, and cryptocurrencies. The Malaysian government also often issues bonds, allowing investors to put their money into various projects. At the end of these projects, they get the capital back, alongside interests for their investment. There are many opportunities to explore as a finance-savvy person, and you can quickly begin with any of the mentioned alternatives.


Financial services and banking are listed among the best investments in Vietnam, mainly due to the country’s growing consumer base. Other leading sectors are infrastructure, real estate, agribusiness, consumer goods, and retail. Vietnam stands out because it is an all-around hub for several opportunities to grow your earnings, whether as an individual or institution.

Exploring Asia’s Financial Market

Data from Statista reveals that the total revenue in Asia’s finance market is projected to reach $.1.03 billion by 2027, from its estimated value of $0.6 billion in 2022. The population and dynamism of this continent are two contributing factors to its leading market. From real estate to forex, CFDs, stocks, bonds, and commodities, there is something for every investor regardless of specialty. The six countries mentioned in this article are countries topping the chart in this frontier. If, at any point, you’re looking to pursue investments in any of these markets, you know where to start.

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