Benjamin Barker Cafe Opens In New Flagship Store Singapore

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A certain enigma behind the Benjamin Barker brand draws wandering minds and curious eyes in – and by no surprise, since all the brand does come with a meandering set of narratives; branches of varied viewpoints that, when traced back to source, all stem from the root of aspiration and a piece of mind to share with the world. While these are all intangible, what is palpable, though, is the brand’s total embodiment of the travelling gentleman’s free spirit and an open mind to venture and explore. Take a step into the brand new Benjamin Barker Cafe within its flagship and you will understand how.

Benjamin Barker Cafe Opens In Newly Revamped Flagship Store Singapore

The Benjamin Barker flagship store pays homage to the quintessential man in a suit. Set well against the signature cool blue of the brand, an interior palette of oak, cement and brass accents immediately stand out to start a conversation about the Benjamin Barker man’s modernist slant amidst old-world sensibilities. The store, a tactile coming together of space and aesthetic, speaks of his distinctive point of view when it comes to style and living – just the sort of man you would trust to make you look and feel tip-top.

The Benjamin Barker brand is about providing a one-of-a-kind, intuitive shopping journey, and the flagship store defines this very experience. Bucking the homogeneity of mainstream retail, the revamped flagship store invites customers into space as house-guests – no strangers within these walls; with a personal touch like no other. The store is designed to resemble a walk-in wardrobe and guests are encouraged to mix-and-match and try on pieces from the fitting array of sartorial elegance before their eyes. Be it something from Benjamin Barker’s tasteful collection to ensembles tailored in their internationally-sourced fabrics, or even picks from their thoughtful accessories – guests of Benjamin Barker are welcome to build their personal rendition of suited good looks. With an emphasis on design, fit, construction and form, the impeccable service and tailoring finesse that comes along with the shopping experience, all stack up to an unmistakable gesture of earnest hospitality from the Benjamin Barker man.

Benjamin Barker Cafe – Lifestyle Arm Of The Benjamin Barker Man

Travel adventures, like recollected memories, are a deep well of inspiration. If the retail experience at level two brings to life the debonair flair of the Benjamin Barker man, the café on the ground level is a tip of the hat to the soul of the man himself.

Amble down the central stairway as you would down memory lane, and you will see the 60-seater café sprawled out beneath you like an expansive atlas rolled out. The two-storied wall adorned with quirky knick-knacks, vinyl records and music posters – even post-war fixtures, all hint to the distant lands the Benjamin Barker man has explored, like red push pins on maps mark places visited.

At the Café, expect only good coffee (from Papa Palheta, no less!) and food for the soul such as Southern Fried Chicken, Truffle Carbonara and Crab Cake Benedict.

With the ability to thread engrams of history, memory and top-notch tailoring craft with contemporary lifestyle, Benjamin Barker welcomes you to its definitive flagship experience, with good cheer and effortless style.

Benjamin Barker Cafe

Address: Cathay Cineleisure Orchard #01-01, 8 Grange Road Singapore 239695 | Opening Hours: 11am – 10pm (Sun – Thurs) & 10am till late (Fri – Sat)

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