Bread Garden Mooncakes Singapore’s 1st Ever Triple Layer & Yolk!

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Bring love home this Mid-Autumn Festival with Bread Garden’s incredible line up of mooncakes! Bread Garden presents lovingly handcrafted mooncakes that are made fresh and guaranteed to tantalize tastebuds islandwide. For the health-conscious, there are options galore as each mooncake is made with no preservatives and low sugar. Be sure to get your hands on the signature Triple Layer Triple Yolk Bread Garden Mooncakes collection which is always sold out, and available for online purchase and at selected roadshows from 12 August 2022 to 10 September 2022.

Bread Garden offers an eye-opening variety of mooncakes, ensuring that everyone is guaranteed to find something they love! What’s more, you get to choose four flavours to go into each box, providing you with the unrivalled ability of choice that you won’t find anywhere else.  Not a fan of traditional mooncakes? Go right ahead and fill your box with a selection of delectable snowskin mooncakes and enjoy Bread Garden’s unique flavour combinations encased in a soft and succulent snowskin.

The mooncakes are made with love, with each ingredient carefully prepared and processed by hand. Bread Garden uses a special mix of egg yolks, with each yolk being carefully placed in the mooncake to ensure that no bite goes amiss. The fragrant and crunchy melon seeds beloved by all are methodically prepared by hand before being mixed in with the Bread Garden’s signature paste to ensure a generous serving of melon seeds in each mooncake. Durian-lovers will rejoice when gifted the Mao Shan Wang Durian snowskin mooncake, another of their top selling items which is always sold out too, and is made with 100% unadulterated durian flesh. For our Muslim friends, do not fret as Bread Garden is a halal-certified bakery, so you can safely gift the mooncakes to your friends and colleagues of all ethnicities.

Highlights of the line-up include the following:

Golden Emerald: The all-time number 1 best seller! The exquisite mooncake is baked to a golden crust. The offering tantalises the palate with contrasting flavours. The low-sugar, velvety-smooth lotus seed paste is hidden in a lovely pandan layer while the treasure of salted egg yolk delivers a savoury punch. Available here.

Charcoal Golden Emerald: The cousin of the Golden Emerald, this offering comes with a bold black exterior with a charcoal crust enveloping the ingredients. Available here.

Golden Red Emerald: Another version of the Golden Emerald — the filling is a gorgeous rich green tea red bean. Enjoy the earthiness of the green tea and the sweetness of the velvety red bean paste! The mooncake also comes with salted egg yolk. Available here.

Macadamia Nuts – Baked Skin Mooncake: Relish the crunch and nutty fragrance of the embedded Australian macadamia! The silky lotus seed paste is also loaded with a copious amount of melon seeds. Available here.

Golden Royale: Craving something different? The Golden Royale switches things up by swapping the lotus paste for a luscious custard. Go crazy over the exciting interplay of custard and salted egg yolk, all housed in a beautiful golden crust. Available here.

Premium Lotus: One for the purists! This offering comes with lotus seed paste and a generous amount of melon seeds. Want something extra? There is also the Premium Lotus with Single Yolk version. Available here.

Lychee Roselia: This pretty-in-pink offering is bound to be a hit on your Instagram, bringing together the subtle sweetness of lychee with the delicate floral notes of rose petals. This offering hits all the right buttons  and will have you coming back for more! Available here.

Mao Shan Wang: This truly indulgent snowskin mooncake is stuffed with rich and creamy durian puree, made with unadulterated Mao Shan Wang durian flesh. Each bite delivers a flavourful and aromatic punch of the king of fruits. Each piece of mooncake comes in its personal elegant durian-inspired box packed in a golden temperature controlled bag, befitting its status as Bread Garden’s premium offering. Available here.

Coco Lava Snow Skin: Coming in a contrasting green and brown colour, this mooncake is filled with Bread Garden’s sensational Italian hazelnut lava core that is filled with crunchy bits of chocolate cookies. The lava is encased within a lime paste, providing a zesty aftertaste that dances lightly across your tastebuds. Available here.

Yuzu Mango Snow Skin: Zesty and invigorating, this unique creation marries the tang of yuzu and the sweetness of mango. This is a great departure from the usual mooncakes. Up the indulgence by pairing it with your favourite tea! Available here.

Teochew Yam: For those seeking something novel, this classic traditional mooncake comes with delicious velvety yam paste with yam bits encased in a delicate, beautiful and flaky spiral crust. This sweet yet savoury treat would definitely please the ‘Orh Nee’ lovers of your family. Available here.

Bread Garden’s Roadshows

Get the mooncakes at the following online channels and roadshows!

Venue Dates Link
CK Tangs online 22 July to 2 September
Isetan online 26 July to 2 September
VivoCity 12 August to 10 September
CK Tangs Plaza 18 August to 10 September
NEX 22 August to 10 September
Novena Square 22 August to 10 September
Century Square 24 August to 9 September
Lot 1 29 August to 10 September

Early Bird Online Specials:

The early bird catches the worm! Enjoy Bread Garden’s Early Bird Online Promotion with 18% off all mooncakes till the 31th of July, 2022. Place your orders on Bread Garden’s website here. You can also find out more about Bread Garden on their website and social channels

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