Business Travel In Singapore, How To Make The Most Of Your Trip

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By any standard, Singapore is rated as being among the most influential business hubs in the world. Located in southeast Asia, Singapore attracts thousands of business tycoons from all parts of the globe. Yearly, businessmen take trips to Singapore to meet their business partners or just to relax. But what can you expect from a business trip to the Lion City? There are a million things to talk about.

How to Make the Most of Your Business Trip to Singapore

1. Find the Best Offer for Accommodation

Looking forward to having a good time in the island city-state? Then you must first find a convenient accommodation service for your short stay. Hosting the headquarters of many of the top tech companies in the world, Singapore is synonymous with wealth. Accordingly, accommodation prices can be very expensive in Singapore, especially if you don’t know where to find the best offers.

As a businessman, you should not compromise on your comfort and safety when you’re on a business trip to Singapore. MetroResidences offers ultramodern accommodation facilities for corporate visitors to Singapore whose stays will exceed 1 month (30 days). These can be booked at discounts up to 30% off compared to lodging prices in traditional hotels.  MetroResidences’ apartments are fully-furnished with all of the essential amenities. Business travellers can begin their bookings online by downloading and installing the MetroConnect app. From this online platform, business travellers can keep in touch with their guest services.

2. Visa and Singapore Work Permits

For tourists who are on short-term trips to Singapore, you may not need to seek a work permit. Nevertheless, business owners in southeast Asia share corporate connections with Singapore. Depending on which particular country you’re coming from, you may need a Singapore visa-on-arrival, and sometimes no visa at all.

In some circumstances, business travellers may have to apply for work visas in order to visit the business hub. Singapore’s government has implemented immigration laws that vary according to the visitor’s duration of stay, and their long-term business intentions. If you are an investor or an entrepreneur who wants to set up a business in Singapore, there are permanent resident visa services for you.

3. Visit Attractive Places

Singapore has a vast range of interesting places you can visit to have fun. Here are the must-see places in Singapore that will make your business trip complete:

  1. National Museum
  2. Chinatown
  3. Gardens by the Bay
  4. Singapore Flyer (Ferris Wheel)
  5. Supertree Grove
  6. Botanic Garden

4. Good Business Ethics

There is a multitude of mixed cultures in Singapore. To make the most out of your stay, be guided by the following ethical rules.

  1. Take it easy. Don’t lose your cool when something upsets you. If you do, it may be seen as overreacting and unprofessional.
  2. Respect time schedules for business meetings. Lateness is frowned upon.
  3. Avoid open display of love. Love affairs should be expressed indoors, not in public.
  4. Learn some of the languages. English is widely spoken in Singapore. But you may also want to learn a bit of Mandarin Chinese.
  5. Respect the elderly. Singapore’s culture cherishes respect for the older population.
  6. Carry enough business cards with you

In summary, Singapore is an epitome of beauty in addition to its vast economic potential. A business trip to the lion City should usually go smoothly since there’s a very low crime rate in the country.

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