Christmas Toy Ideas For 5-year Old Boys

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If your boy’s wish list for Santa hasn’t been finalized yet and Christmas is just around the corner, you probably want to plan something splendid on your own and get your baby the best toy ever. When thinking of toys or gifts for 5-year olds, there can be numerous options to pick from. You can get something classic that has been pleasing the kids for centuries or have some new creative or imaginative toys from your kid couldn’t get his hands off. Or something from which he can learn with and enjoy along too.

It can be as easy and basic as getting a dinosaur or a toy car for him. Or as challenging and impressive as getting him a toy robot or building kits. You know your kid better. You just need the right ideas to select from. This article will include some of the best toys that you can have for your 5-year old this Christmas.

Building Toys

Who, on earth is not familiar with toys like LEGO? The building kits are proven to be one of the most in-demand toys for the past decades. It not only challenges your kid on a creative level but also indulges him throughout so he doesn’t get bored. The kid gets to construct and give life to their ideas. This toy is ideal for kids aged 5 till 7 and is an excellent option to get for your 5-year old for Christmas.

Soccer Balls

Why not get something for your 5-year old that might be more helpful for him on a physical level. Soccer balls are the option and are also very much enjoyed by kids.

You must be aware of the correct ball size depending on age. Usually, size 3 footballs are recommended for the kids under 7. But it may vary from company to company, so make sure you are getting the right one for your 5-year old.

Toy Cars

Boys, whether aged 5 or above are obsessed with cars. For kids, your 5-year old will love any car you bring him. Be it the classic die-cast models or the fancy remote-controlled cars. There are just so many types of cars you can pick from. From transformable robot cars to the Cars Crash Challenge sets. You got a wide variety to choose from, according to the liking of your 5-year old.

Ride-on cars have really been the most famous recently. They let your kid drive the car from the inside on their own. These cars also include a remote control for easy access of the parents.

Activity Books

Little kids are delighted to have those activity books of their own in which they can create, draw, cut and stick. These activity books can help in developing the cognitive skills of your baby boy. The activity books can also have various puzzles, art and crafting, sequencing etc. according to the age of your child. As the child grows, the books will have more complex activities to challenge their minds.

They can be an excellent option if you are thinking to get educational toys for your 5-year old this Christmas.

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