Best Destination In Japan For First Time Visitors

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Japan is one of the world’s most intimidating countries to visit for many world travellers. All that mysticism, uniqueness and beauty that we are looking towards from the outside make Japan the most desired destination to explore.

When it comes to Japan it is quite hard to distinguish a list of places that are a “must visit”. The sheer territory and diversities that make the country interesting, hide in almost every part of the country, in every small town and corner of the streets. Well, Japan is truly one of the destinations that wherever you step your foot on you’ll be rewarded with a joyful experience regarding sceneries, local life, food and “unusual experiences”.

The ancient history, culture and modern society, inspire many to explore and experience the Japanese tradition and language. The Japanese language is exceptional and as a visitor, you might want to prepare yourself for a conversation with locals. Take your preferred gadget and a subscription to to get you ready to explore and enjoy Japan on your first visit.

Here are some of the destinations that seem to best host the first time visitors in Japan.


It’s always best to start with a large and buzzing capitals city. Depending on where you come from it can be hard to get around in rural places regardless of how intimidating they are. It certainly is the right decision to inhale the Japanese air for the first time landing in Tokyo.

Tokyo is an eclectic city, exciting and ultra-modern. The mix of ultra-modern and traditional presents the true essence of what Japan is today. Being the leader in innovation and technology the heart of Japan offers exciting adventures and a sort of futuristic sense to the whole experience. The neon-lit skyscrapers, modern restaurants, bars and nightclubs offer truly urban and modern buzz. Here you can enjoy and endless options for fun, dining, exploring, shopping and much more. 

On the other side, you can witness ancient temples, numerous museums and historic sites that will help you to slowly grasp the true essence of Japanese culture. You can never get bored or have enough time to get enough of Tokyo. There are countless day trips, and tours for visitors that offer interesting experiences and convenient ways to see explore Tokyo. 


If you are the tourist that would go straight to a more traditional and genuine experience than you might want to skip Tokyo and head straight to Kyoto. Kyoto is all of what a foreign tourist imagines Japan would be. Forest of bamboo and tiny wooden houses offering graceful tea ceremonies. Geishas can be seen in the traditional kimonos serving food and tea in colourful porcelain. Kyoto hosts numerous temples and shrines in silver and gold surrounded by Zen gardens. 

Apart from the mesmerizing sceneries, the town breaths Japanese culture and offers the most genuine experience for culture vultures. In Kyoto, more precisely the Gion district you can get engaged and enjoy the formal traditions of kaiseki dining, consisting of multiple courses of dishes, served by geisha. 


Near to Kyoto, Narra is the first capital of Japan, a small city that can be explored on a day trip from Kyoto. Nara is a place with many significant historical sites and laid back atmosphere. Temples and artwork preserved here date back from the 8th century and today they are UNESCO world heritage sites. 

In Nara, you will have the chance to visit the largest wooden building in the world – the “Todaiji temple” or the Hall of the Great Budhha. The temple is very famous and chances are you have already seen some photos of this remarkable building, however, nothing prepares you for this immense sight and the awe you’ll experience when you see the 15m high bronze Budha. 


On a completely different note, Takayama is a great destination choice for those that always decide to strain from the conventional path. Moreover, if you wish to visit a place that is not popular for tourists in order to get some real Japan-life feeling, head straight to Takayama.

Takayama is a small town at the foot of the Japan Alps full of traditional wooden houses and narrow lanes. The old town is filled with neatly shaped trees, beautiful shrines, cutest red bridges over the river and markets full of delicious fruit and fresh produce. The lanes in the centre of the old town are filled with food vendors where you can savour traditional food such as rice balls soaked in soy sauce. The surrounding country sights are also worth the visit. Cycling tours will take you to amazing sceneries inside and around small villages where you can see the traditional thatched roof houses of Shirakawa-go. You can also take a hike in Kamikochi in the Japan Alps.

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