Yako Chan’s Dont Yell At Me (不要对我尖叫。日常茶间) Now In Singapore

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Hailing from Taiwan, and co-founded by Taiwanese variety show personality and self-made entrepreneur, Yako Chan (丫头), alongside a few like-minded business partners, Dont Yell At Me (不要对我尖叫。日常茶间), the fast-expanding global hand-shaken beverage brand, is finally coming to Singapore on 29 October 2021.

Billed as a place of respite and reflection where one can rest their minds and simply “just be” as they enjoy a refreshing hand-shaken beverage made with quality ingredients and plenty of love, Dont Yell At Me (不要对我尖叫。日常茶间) is decidedly not your average hand-shaken beverage brand.

Inspired by the honest sentiments of modern day hustlers and their daily struggles, the brand strives to start a light-hearted conversation about mental wellness in an unfiltered, approachable and non-judgmental manner, as expressed through its quirky brand identity; recognisable from its peculiar mascot (that’s hard to miss!) and its ‘think-out-loud-fashioned’ quotes that are offbeat yet relatable.

At Dont Yell At Me (不要对我尖叫。日常茶间), one is never alone in their struggles as they step into a safe space that welcomes all. Everyone is encouraged to purposefully take a moment to slow down, be introspective and discover the beauty of everyday life; as they lift their moods with their favourite hand-shaken beverages, and are treated only with friendliness, consideration and empathy.

From what was to be a spontaneous pop-up in collaboration with COMMUNE A7 back in 2016, Dont Yell At Me (不要对我尖叫。日常茶间) now boasts over 380 stores worldwide, including China, Japan, United States, Canada, Malaysia…and soon, Singapore; proudly cementing its position as one of the fastest-growing and successful hand-shaken beverage brand to-date.

Set to shake things up one beverage at a time, Dont Yell At Me (不要对我尖叫。日常茶 间) will be making its first foray into Singapore with a minimalistic café concept located at Orchard Central. Renowned for its aesthetically-pleasing layered concoctions, expect an enticing variety of hand-shaken beverages including the all-time favourite Winter Melon Chrysanthemum Tea, Osmanthus Thé Au Lait and Grapefruit and Lychee Fruit Tea, alongside a thoughtfully-curated selection of brews and bites like the Tiramisu Café Au Lait, Dark Fudge Brownies and French Butter Almond Cakes.

Fans can also look out for a unique range of Dont Yell At Me merchandise that encapsulates the unapologetically authentic and positive spirit of the brand, available by the end of the year. Mark your calendars: 29.10.2021 for the official launch!

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