Ultimate Durian High Tea Buffet Singapore At Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel

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Calling all durian and dessert lovers! Marriott Cafe’s highly anticipated Durian High Tea Buffet Singapore is back with a wicked selection of sweet and savoury durian creations cleverly incorporated with premium Mao Shan Wang, alongside durian beverages from 3 June to 31 July 2019. The indulgence doesn’t end here. In addition to the durian goodness, a scrumptious selection of local delicacies also awaits to captivate your taste buds.

Durian High Tea Buffet Singapore – Your King Of Fruits Adventure

Dig in at Marriott Cafe’s Durian High Tea Buffet and be enthralled by the enchanting aroma and flavours of durian gourmet creations, chock-full of luscious Mao Shan Wang durian. Who says desserts are for the end of the meal. In this spotlight this year are Durian Red Bean Pudding; Durian Coconut Custard; Durian Tarts; and Durian Gateau.

Durian High Tea Buffet Singapore – What’s On The Table?  

You can start your adventure at the buffet line with this year’s star durian dessert, Durian Red Bean Pudding. Inspired by another sweet Asian crowd-favourite, this pudding utilises the finest whole Japanese adzuki beans and durian purée, imparting a perfect marriage of earthy, distinct yet harmonious Eastern flavours. The rich nutritional content of this confection is another reason to indulge; adzuki beans are treasured for their abundance of protein, iron, folate, zinc and numerous other minerals and vitamins.

Another novel rendition of the King of Fruits to look forward to is Durian Coconut Custard. Think velvety yet light custard infused with Mao Shan Wang durian and coconut; a thin, delicate crêpe that enrobes the indulgent custard; crispy, caramelised shredded coconut for that satisfying crunch. The rousing interplay of subtle flavours and textures with each tantalising bite is simply too much to resist!

Their Durian Tarts, a perennial favourite infused with creamy tropical decadence, are the embodiment of “Good things come in small packages” and look almost too good to eat. Each miniature East-meets-West masterpiece of alluring bittersweet durian crème encased in a crisp buttery tart shell will send you straight to gastronomic paradise.

Sink your fork into generous, piping hot helpings of aromatic durian mousse and cream, sandwiched between golden-brown, flaky pastry crusts of another crowd-pleaser, their Baked Durian Strudel.

Excite your taste buds with Durian Bread & Butter Pudding with Vanilla Sauce and dig into durian puree – a perfect balance of silky and fibrous, tucked between delightful sheets of durian custard and buttery brioche slices. Drizzle fragrant vanilla sauce over this divine treat to add to the compelling depth of tropical flavour.

That’s not all. Make sure to try their Durian Gateau that boasts layers of smooth durian mousse paired with a pillowy sponge that will have you simply wanting more. Also in the spotlight is their Durian Crumble, a tropical twist on a quintessentially Western tea-time treat. Imagine creamy durian pulp blanketed with crisp, buttery crumble – making for pure pleasure with each bite.

Can’t get enough of these thorny temptations? You can also look forward to Durian Cream Puffs; Durian Pizza; Durian Panna Cotta; Durian Crêpes made to order; Durian Ice Cream; Durian Ice Kachang and more.

Complete your epicurean durian experience with a beverage inspired by the King of Fruits. For just $5++ each, enjoy a Durian Pandan Smoothie or Durian Banana Smoothie, specially concocted from the bounty of the tropics.

Durian High Tea Buffet Singapore – Non-Durian Delights Available Too

You’ll want to save space for the expansive array of local delights and International delicacies. Savour the freshest fine seafood on ice, including Poached Prawns, and more. Devour Singapore’s classics from Nasi Lemak with Crispy Chicken Wings to Laksa, and all-time favourites such as Oyster Omelette; Hokkien Mee; Bak Kut Teh, and more.

Make a turn at the buffet line and be elevated to a dim sum treasure trove. Take your pick from bamboo steamers overflowing with Siew Mai; Baked Char Siew Sou and more. For the traditional high tea experience, have your fill of moist, fluffy scones with fresh cream and jam; finger sandwiches, and more.

Durian High Tea Buffet Singapore

Venue: Marriot Cafe, Singapore Marriot Tang Plaza Hotel | Date: 3 June to 31 July 2019 | Time: 3pm to 5.30pm (Monday to Friday / Saturday and Sunday) | Adult: $45++ per person / $48++ per person | Child (5 to 12 years old): $27++ per child / $30++ per child

For dining reservations, please call 6831 4605 or visit singaporemarriott.com/dining.

All prices stated above are subject to 10% service charge and 7% Goods & Services Tax (GST) unless otherwise stated.

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