elemen Singapore Offers Oldie-Licious Teochew-style Meal For Parents

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This Parent’s Day, elemen Singapore (元素) – our nation’s very own multi-award winning restaurant which offers a modern interpretation of meatless cuisine – has launched a Classic Teochew- styled 8 Course Meal, Oldie-Licious for families to enjoy.

elemen Singapore – Delicious Meatless 8 Course Meal

Teochew cuisine is renowned for its freshness and quality of ingredients used. Their signature cooking techniques include steaming and braising of ingredients to enhance the ingredients’ natural flavours. In Teochew cuisine, seafood is an integral part of it. Thus, Oldie-Licious dishes are strongly influenced by the Teochew cuisine history and also presenting the Teochew porridge eating culture.

From now till 30 June 2021, you may enjoy the unique Oldie-Licious created by elemen’s (元素) Executive Chef and General Manager, Mr. Andy Kueh and his team. Spent countless of hours on researching and developing these dishes before it met their demanding expectations, Oldie-Licious is a total delight and perfect for your parents.

Oldie-Licious is priced at $42.80++ and consist of eight interesting dishes such as: Teochew Classic Trio (潮式经典三拼), Double-Boiled Salted Vegetable Soup (双炖咸菜汤), XO Scallop-Shrooms w/ Truffle Slices (带子鲍菇与松露片), Sautéed Black Pepper Oyster Mushrooms (黑胡椒炒杏鲍菇), Kale Tofu w/ Egg Drop (羽衣甘蓝豆腐与蛋花), Poached Rice in Oceanic Broth (海洋里的泡饭), Traditional Orh Nee (传统潮州芋泥), Chilled Monk Fruit w/ Aloe Vera Tea (罗汉果芦荟冷茶).

elemen Singapore – Complimentary Box Of Tau Sar Piahs

Receive a box of specially made Tau Sar Piahs, complimentary when you order Oldie-Licious. Fret not, as these Tau Sar Piahs are fully vegetarian! Be wowed by the eight delectable courses showcasing the best of authentic flavours with an innovative twist to the Teochew-style set menu and indulge in the traditional flavours of Teochew cuisine today!

Make a reservation and bring your family to elemen (元素) for a Parent’s Day celebration with their Oldie- Licious menu!

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