Everything You Need to Know About Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

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The field of orthopaedics is becoming advanced year by year and this is providing benefits to both patients and doctors. Surgical procedures are common when we talk about fixing certain orthopaedic conditions. But you will be surprised to know that even surgical procedures have become advanced in the last decades. Earlier, large incisions were required to be made in order to correct bone deformities or other orthopaedic conditions, but now, professional neurosurgeons like Dr Timothy Steel are able to carry out several surgical procedures simply by making small incisions. In this post, we will discuss some important points about minimally invasive spine surgery.

What is Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery?

Also known as a mild procedure, minimally invasive lumbar decompression surgery is a technique that involves the use of a special tool known as a tubular retractor to reach and identify the correct area to be operated on. To insert a tubular retractor, a small incision is made and this helps the surgeon to get proper insights into the condition of the affected area without harming surrounding tissues and muscles much. Trauma Implants like rods and screws can be inserted with the help of a retractor. The help of fluoroscopy is taken throughout the procedure to ensure the treatment of the affected area with utmost precision.

Conditions in Which MISS may be used

One thing we all must know is that not all spine-related conditions can be treated with minimally invasive spine surgery. When to use MISS will be decided by the specialist depending upon the condition of the patient. In certain cases, traditional surgery or non-operative procedures are preferred. Let us see some conditions in which this technique may be used:

Degenerative Disc Disease

This is known to be an age-related condition where some changes are seen in the spine with age. This condition could be the cause of other conditions like spinal stenosis and Herniated discs. For the treatment of this condition, the doctors may suggest minimally invasive spine surgery.

Herniated Discs

This is the situation where pillow-like discs having a tough outer layer are pushed into the spinal canal due to rupture or tear in the annulus. In this condition, the outer layer of the disc break, and the soft part is exposed. The surgeons might also recommend minimally invasive spine surgery to treat Herniated discs.

Lumbar Spinal Stenosis

Lumbar spinal stenosis is when the spinal canal becomes narrow resulting in the compression of nerves that travel down into the legs through the lower back. This is a painful condition and for its treatment, the doctors may suggest minimally invasive spine surgery.

Vertebral Compression Fractures

Vertebral compression fractures occur when the partial or total collapse of the vertebra is seen. This is a highly painful condition and the person may experience shortening of height and deformity. The thoracic spine is the most common location where this injury occurs. Minimally invasive spine surgery may also be effective in the treatment of this condition.

Spinal Instability

This is the condition when structural or other changes in the spine occur due to degeneration or injury. It is characterized by abnormal load transfer and abnormal movement in the spine. One can get this situation fixed following minimally invasive spine surgery.

Spinal injuries could be serious and sometimes, they might require surgical intervention to treat the condition. But here is a technique that is known as minimally invasive spine surgery (MISS) in which minimum incision is made to operate the affected area. In this post, we have discussed some key points about this procedure. We hope it would have been helpful to you.

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