EZLink SG Bicentennial Card Series Celebrate Singapore’s Transformation

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EZ-Link, Singapore’s largest issuer of CEPAS-compliant cards, announced the launch of exclusive EZLink SG Bicentennial Card Series to commemorate Singapore’s Bicentennial. The card series comprises of four art pieces, featuring architecture and landmarks representative of four 50-year periods in Singapore’s history, portray the nation’s breathtaking transformation from a kampong settlement into a bustling metropolis. Get your commemorative set today!


EZLink SG Bicentennial Card Series – Design Background

The 1819 design captures Singapore’s landscape of fishing villages while the 1869 card pays tribute to Singapore’s shophouses, an iconic design brought over by early Chinese immigrants. The 1969 illustration presents the iconic Dragon playground immortalising Singapore’s youth while the 2019 design shows a modern classic – the Marina Bay San

EZLink SG Bicentennial Card Series – The Artist Behind

EZ-Link has partnered Very Special Arts (VSA) Singapore, a local charitable organisation that empowers people with disabilities through the arts, to design this card series. In support of VSA’s cause, EZ-Link will donate $50,000 from the sales of these cards to VSA.

“EZ-Link hopes that by capturing symbolic snapshots from our 200-year journey on ez-link cards, we will inspire current generations to chart our future with the same unique Singaporean gusto. We hope to contribute to VSA’s efforts in providing access and opportunities for people with disabilities through the arts with this project.  Through Mr Ng Siang Hoi’s art pieces, we also aim to raise greater recognition of the artistic talent of people with disabilities amongst Singaporeans and build a future of inclusiveness,” said Mr Nicholas Lee, Chief Executive Officer of EZ-Link Pte Ltd.

“VSA is proud to partner EZ-Link in this project that marks Singapore’s significant progress in the last 200 years. VSA has also made progress in the last 25 years, a shorter history, but no doubt significant, by providing opportunities and access for people with disabilities through the arts and music. Through this project, it further demonstrates our belief in empowering, engaging and enabling our beneficiaries, guiding them through every challenge and mountain they face. We are only thankful for partnering sponsors such as EZ-Link for believing in our work and commitment to our beneficiaries,” said Maureen Goh, Executive Director of VSA.

VSA artist, Mr Ng Siang Hoi, has been chosen to design the bicentennial cards. Born with a hearing impairment, Siang Hoi has started painting since the age of 14 and has relied on his art as a means of relaying his feelings. The artist, who is in his 70s, was selected for his love for nostalgia and his unique rendition of building facades that captures the essence of Singapore’s streets. He has also spent a large part of his career as a public service worker. 

“Art is a means for me to communicate with people my joy and feelings. I enjoy painting buildings, especially the disappearing scenes of Singapore such as old Chinatown and around the Singapore River. I get my inspiration from postcards and old photographs. I will also visit the places I want to paint whenever I have the time,” said Siang Hoi.

EZLink SG Bicentennial Card Series – Availability & Pricing

EZLink SG Bicentennial Card Series 2019 will be sold individually at all TransitLink Ticket Offices and selected SMRT Passenger Service Centres at $12 each including $7 load value from 9 July onwards. The four-in-one sets will also be made available on Lazada EZ-Link Official Store in an exclusively designed packaging at $20 with no load value, from 9 July onwards.

In addition, to add on to the festivities, EZ-Link will give away 54 four-in-one sets with $5 load value in each card in the form of a lucky draw through the Rewards catalogue in the EZ-Link App, from 1 August 2019 onwards.

To keep in touch with the latest updates about EZ-Link, please visit www.ezlink.com.sg or follow EZ-Link’s Facebook and Instagram pages.

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