Festivities in Peloponnese

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The festivities in Greece are always loaded with many cultures, religiosity and traditionality and Peloponnese is no exception. Every year there are several celebrations that bring together a large number of national and foreign visitors and attend more than one celebration in which festivals, carnivals, and religious celebrations cannot be missed.

The theatre festival in Corinth is an event that gathers thousands of tourists and takes place during the months of September and October at the same time as the Panhellenic festival-contest that offers amateur theatre groups the opportunity to give Know your art.

Peloponnese is a city with great cultural, gastronomic and historical wealth, it has many places that are highly tourist and that year after year manages to bring together many lovers of Greek culture and who are great connoisseurs of the theatre art that lives here as part of the identity of the area.

Epidaurus: Tradition, culture, and theatre

World-famous and an attraction that tourists should not miss is the Epidaurus Theatre. This is where the theatre festival takes place and has the capacity to house more than fourteen thousand spectators.

During the theatre festival, they can install in Epidaurus, great theatre plays with exponents of renown and that enrich the nights of the two weeks that the celebration lasts.

The arrangement and the way in which it has been constructed, allows the theatre to conserve the acoustics that amazes since the fourth century and that is easy to appreciate from any place in the stands.

Santorini: The biggest celebration held in Santorini

On 15th August the feast day of the Diocese of Virgin Mary is celebrated in Akrotiri, Firostefani and most villages of Santorini. The biggest celebration held in Santorini for the feast day of Holy Virgin, in the church of Panagia Episkopi. Preparations start one day before with traditional food and local wine which is distributed to the people. Santorini specialist tour operator greeceholidaytours.com is where you can book your tour around the city with. They’ll provide cars and drivers to accompany you all along the way.

The Carnival of Patras: Attraction for all ages

This carnival is one of the best-known carnivals in Europe and manages to gather thousands of tourists from all over the world.

The day of the inauguration of the carnival coincides with the celebration of San Antonio’s day. Part of the Plaza Jorge with acts of pantomime, dance, music and what should not be missing in all carnival, fireworks.

During the parade, groups are formed for an event called the treasure hunt. With questions of history, literature, mathematics and other branches of knowledge, participants must find the hidden treasure. Of course, it is not an easy task to achieve.

Another event that takes place during the festivities of Patras, is that they have as protagonists the women in the city. It consists of women wearing tunics and masks to perform the dance known as Bourboulia.

This dance implies that each woman who participates freely chooses a couple without showing her face to dance in memory of an ancient ritual that advocated the abolition of the repression of relations between both sexes.

The Nihterini Podaratti parade is performed at night and completely on foot among much brightness and traditional music.

An event that travels all over the world thanks to the images offered by the television transmission is the burning of the carnival king and takes place in the pedestrian street of San Nicolás.

And also as part of the festivities in Peloponnese, the Passover is celebrated in Leonidi with the ringing of the bells on Holy Saturday, firecrackers and rockets are also thrown and the burning of the Judas in the doors of the church.

To conclude the celebration on Sunday, a feast is held, inviting all the people, whether locals or foreigners, to participate in the traditional celebration.

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