HawkerFoodDelivery.com Gets Singapore’s Best Hawker Food Delivered

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New online food platform HawkerFoodDelivery.com brings some of Singapore’s most loved and famed hawker centres and independent local food eateries straight to consumers’ homes. With a current offering of 12 hawker centres, representing around 300 stalls, HawkerFoodDelivery.com ups the ante by delivering meals to condominiums islandwide.

Among HawkerFoodDelivery.com’s 12 strong recommendations are popular and iconic hawker centres including Old Airport Road in the East, Chomp Chomp in Serangoon Gardens, Maxwell Road Food Centre in Chinatown and Tiong Bahru Market in the namesake heritage neighbourhood. The attention placed on the curation of the food selection also emphasises the platform’s affinity to Singaporeans and foodies’ preferences, as well as their deep understanding of the local food culture.

Together, these carefully selected hawker centres represent some delectable Singaporean staples and gourmand favourites including the moreish Lian He Ben Ji Claypot Rice at Chinatown Complex, teeming with juicy morsels chicken and lup cheong. Skip the queues for Ghim Moh’s famed Chuan Kee Boneless Braised Duck Rice with its mouth-watering duck stock-infused rice, or when tucking into the deeply aromatic Famous Sungei Road Trishaw Laksa at Hong Lim Market & Food Centre. Foodies and local food enthusiasts will undoubtedly find something to satiate their cravings with the variety of highly lauded food available on the platform, including many Bib Gourmand-awarded restaurants and stalls from the likes of Hill Street Tai Hwa Pork Noodle.

“HawkerFoodDelivery.com was borne out of knowing that our valuable culinary heritage hawker centres and independent local food eateries were extremely underserved in the home delivery sector. We understand that ultimately, as Singaporeans, local dishes form the backbone of our meals as our comfort everyday food,” says Peter Seow, Co-Founder of HawkerFoodDelivery.com. “For us, the solution is multi-faceted. We build upon a successful partnership with iPlus, an online utility and condominium management company and gradually expanded delivery to all condominium households islandwide. Secondly, we provide hawkers with a platform to earn extra revenue that does not strain their current operations by infringing on peak hour walk-in traffic. Lastly, we want to ensure hawker centres and local food eateries are accessible to everyone islandwide, not pegged to geolocation, such as how close you live to the hawker centre.”

HawkerFoodDelivery.com enables consumers to create a mixed basket of different dishes from various stalls within a given hawker centre, unlike other platforms that represent singular hawker stalls or standalone F&B outlets. In addition, the platform focuses its efforts on delivering its food to condominium households for lunch (12.30-2.30pm) and dinner (6-8pm) on weekends, with plans to expand its services to weekday deliveries in the coming months.

Having already tested demand, mechanics and operations with iPlus — which services over 120 condominiums with 37,400 households that order some 1,600 meals each weekend — has allowed HawkerFoodDelivery.com to successfully scale its business within the last three months. Hawker stall and local eatery owners are also able to leverage on the platform’s capabilities to increase their day- to-day productivity and diversify their revenue stream.

HawkerFoodDelivery.com currently features two hawker centres daily for lunch and dinner during weekends, with plans to make all hawker centres available in the future. Users can place their orders up to 11am for lunch and 4.30pm for dinner for same-day delivery and pre-ordering is available up to one week before. Consumers can also look forward to a wider curation of local food heroes, gourmand favourites, hole-in-the-wall hidden gems, such as famed zi char and dessert stalls.

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