Savour Japan With Roku Gin x Janice Wong Mooncakes Collection

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This Mid-Autumn festival, indulge in two of life’s simple pleasures – mooncakes and alcohol, with celebrity chef Janice Wong mooncakes infused with Japanese craft gin – Roku Gin. Combining Roku’s exquisite Japanese craftsmanship with Janice Wong’s artful creativity, this collaboration showcases eight specially curated mooncakes in three distinctive flavours – Matcha Lemon Thyme Gin, Sakura Strawberry Gin, and Bergamot Yuzu Gin. Available from 1 August to 10 September 2022, each velvety treat is wrapped delicately in smooth, carefully crafted snow skin, showcasing Roku’s six uniquely Japanese botanicals.

In the spirit of celebrating traditions in modern times, the Roku Gin x Janice Wong Snow Skin Mooncake Collection brings together Janice Wong’s culinary expertise and a keen eye for design with Roku’s well-balanced, intricately-brewed gin that perfectly matches any occasion. Janice Wong’s signature confectionaries are elevated with the addition of Roku Gin, which embodies the Japanese philosophy of monozukuri craftsmanship, highlighting a relentless pursuit of perfection, meticulous attention to detail and commitment to quality. 

Roku Gin x Janice Wong Mooncakes

Start by savouring the sweet and floral Sakura Strawberry Gin mooncake, which showcases the Sakura flowers and leaves present in Roku Gin. Refresh your palette with the citrusy tang of Bergamot Yuzu Gin mooncake, which centres on the acidity of yuzu peel. Lastly, experience the piquant blend of earthy matcha with lemon in the Matcha Lemon Thyme Gin mooncake, which complements the green teas in Roku Gin.

These delectable mid-autumn confectionaries come in an intricately designed rabbit-themed tin. This metallic tin is not just a decorative element and is designed to be reused and repurposed in many different ways, as part of Roku and Janice Wong’s commitment and efforts to sustainability. This special bundle includes a 200ml bottle of Roku Gin and two ornate ceramic cups, making it a perfect treat to share with family and friends. 

Whether it is a gift to family, friends, or colleagues, add a little sweetness to your gatherings at any time of the day with this bundle of pastel delicacies this Mid-Autumn festival.

Janice Wong Mooncakes – A journey through the four seasons

Complex and multi-layered, Roku Gin is carefully crafted by Japanese artisans, following a centuries-old tradition of meticulous attention to detail. Roku perfectly combines eight traditional gin botanicals with six unique Japanese botanicals cultivated over the four seasons. The aroma of Spring shines through an infusion of freshly-picked Sakura flowers, while sencha and gyokuro teas steep the brew with a taste of summer. Spicy sansho peppers bring in a brisk autumnal kick, complemented by the wintery citrus bite of yuzu peel. The union of these botanicals results in an elegant, perfectly balanced gin with sweet floral aroma, and yuzu and herbal green notes on top of a crisp finish. 

Available from 1 August to 10 September 2022, the exclusive Roku Gin x Janice Wong Snow Skin Mooncake Collection is available for purchase here and retails at S$138 for a set of eight (inclusive of GST).

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