Kee’s Beckons Guests To Savour Shared Moments At 21 Carpenter

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Michelin-starred chef and Kee’s Culinary Director, Andrew Walsh, debuts his latest venture— Kee’s—located within heritage boutique hotel 21 Carpenter. Honouring the building’s past as Chye Hua Seng Wee Kee remittance house, coupled with a playful nod to its location between the two Quays of Clarke Quay and Boat Quay, the street-level venue aims to bring an energetic vibrancy to the neighbourhood. The menu focuses on modern European fare alongside a thoughtfully curated array of Pan-Asian dishes, expertly complemented by a selection of signature cocktails and a stellar wine list.

Award-winning architectural firm WOHA spearheads the design of the 71-seater Neo-Bistro & Bar, with the intention of creating a convivial atmosphere for you to linger for longer from day to night. The venue showcases a contemporary design reminiscent of 1930s Art Deco banking halls, retaining original building materials like upcycled wooden joists framing huge windows. Juxtaposed to the heritage timber are futurist-inspired fabrics and leather lounges, marble, and metal meshes.  Leveraging lighting, mirrors, and the interplay of day and night, WOHA ensures the space effortlessly transitions through differing vibes. Establishing the vibrancy of Kee’s are tunes by DJ Aldrin, who was the resident DJ at Zouk Singapore for 17 years.

The space is thoughtfully zoned to suit every mood. An open kitchen resides on an elevated platform, drawing your attention to the culinary action. The central bar serves as the heart of the space, while a softly glowing wine display lends an intimate setting at night.

To add to the property’s existing art collection put together by The Artling are two large-scale paintings, commissioned from artist Khairulddin Wahab, at Kee’s. Wahab is known for his brilliant use of colour to weave narratives from cultural geography. The main art piece, Visions of Splendour, draws inspiration from Singaporean immigrants who once walked through the halls of Chye Hua Seng Wee Kee, and offers a portrayal of colonial Singapore through their eyes.

In harmony with the versatile interior, Chef Walsh has crafted a menu that caters to every moment. Small plates prime patrons’ palates, including the Marinated Green Olives (V) with fennel seed and citrus peel, as well as the Tuna Tartare featuring Vietnamese & coconut dressing. The range of cold cuts on the Charcuterie Trio—available in half- and full-size options to cater to varying appetites—includes salami, chorizo, and 36-month jamón ibérico.

Ideal for a refreshing and light dining option is the Citrus Kale Salad (V), skillfully tossed in a blend of peanut brittle, pickled ginger, and a zesty lime dressing. Chef Walsh introduces a unique twist to the traditional Caesar salad with the Japanese Baby Gem Salad, incorporating a Japanese soft-boiled egg and white anchovies. Norwegian cold-water shrimp, known for its sweetness, takes centre stage in the Shrimp Cocktail, with herb avocado and prawn cracker.

Chef Walsh transforms a meal into a communal experience of flavours through heartier mains, such as the Wanderer Ribeye Steak Frites, served with pickled red onion, watercress and chimichurri.

The Sunchoke Black Pepper Pappardelle (V) features freshly-made pasta in a flavourful truffle pecorino cream sauce, topped with a slow-cooked egg. Pan-Asian dishes also invite gourmands on a shared exploration of regional cuisine.

A stand out is the Japanese Red Sea Bream, served with a herbaceous green curry emulsion and coconut rice. Slow-braised for 24 hours, the fork-tender Beef Cheek Rendang is complemented with a tangy housemade snake bean achar.

Sweet finishes feature interesting re-creations, including a Pistachio Cake with pistachio crumbs and housemade Madagascar vanilla ice cream. The Chocolate Mousse has a delicate cocoa tuile and a meringue made with Singapore’s beloved dessert ingredient, pandan.

The menu’s balance of small plates and sizable mains is complemented by a truly spirited beverage program. Craft cocktails tell the history of Singapore and the two quays through the use of exotic spices and fruits, which were once sold by peddlers on Carpenter Street in the 1930s.

Highlights include the Spice & Sips, which marries Los Arcos agave spirit and the lingering heat of chilli with the tropical sweet-sour punch of passionfruit. A symphony of flavour, Citrus Tales melds Widges gin and lemon bitters weaving in the richness of spiced pear liqueur, tangy-sweet mandarin sake, and a light fizz courtesy of ginger beer. Pretty in pink, the Rosé Spritz integrates an aromatic Rosé port, underscored by hints of wild berry and fruity notes of cherry and raspberry, with Canevel prosecco and the effervescence of tonic. Meanwhile, the Calamansi Melange is an invigorating drink, showcasing the warmth of Canerock spiced rum, the zing of calamansi, and a subtle sweetness from candied winter melon.

For non-alcoholic cocktails that are equally enjoyable, imbibe in the Nourbon Tonic, featuring zero-proof Gnista barreled oak, tonic and lime. Wine seekers can also explore a non-alcoholic option: the Non 8 Torched Apple & Oolong is a sophisticated blend made from orchard apples, caraway seeds, cacao nibs, oolong, keemun and verjus, and features a crisp flavour that’s perfect to pair with creamy or spicy dishes.

Glynn Tay, Director of Food and Beverage at 21 Carpenter, shares, “We are thrilled to announce the launch of Kee’s. Our masterful team of chefs and bartenders are driven by these core values: emphasising thoughtfulness toward guest preferences, delivering the highest quality of service, focusing on top-notch fresh ingredients, and designing moments that cultivate lasting memories. Positioned as the social centrepiece of 21 Carpenter, Kee’s aspires to be a space that fosters creativity and community through open conversations over delectable food and drinks.”

“We’ve evolved beyond the era when experimental gastronomy was sought after. There is a shift amongst diners, who increasingly prioritise the comfort of familiar flavours over fleeting trends. My aim is to curate experiences that align with diverse dining preferences through our menu, portions, and ambience. Whether catering to single diners seeking a swift lunch or loved ones gathering for a special occasion—every possibility comes to life at Kee’s,” shared Andrew Walsh, Culinary Director of Kee’s and owner of CURE Concepts.

Kee’s invites you and your loved ones through its doors from 6 February 2024 and is open daily from 7:00 am to 12:00 am. For reservations, please email [email protected] or call +65 6373 6985. For more information, please visit

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