Lombardo’s Burger Singapore Debuts Singapore’s Most Expensive Burger

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A new burger restaurant is coming your way to the Little Red Dot and it is coming in with a big golden bang. Lombardo’s Burger Singapore, some say the best burger in Amsterdam, is making its debut in Singapore by launching “Singapore’s Most Expensive Burger”.

Lombardo’s Burger Singapore – The Super Expensive Burger

Priced at $250.00, the burger comes fully packed with decadence and gratification. Sandwiched between a 24 Karat covered golden bun are premium quality ingredients which include 200 grams of 100% Japanese wagyu beef, pan-seared foie gras, banana shallots braised with champagne, butter-poached lobster tail, fresh Italian truffle, spicy red cabbage compote. End the meal with a gratifying shot of caviar.

The satisfaction, both physically and emotionally, is going to be out-of-the-world. “The Most Expensive Burger in Singapore” is going to be a taste that will linger in both the tastebuds and memory throughout the lives of those who had tasted it.

Lombardo’s Burger Singapore – Starting On The Right Foot

Slated to open officially on 11 October 2019 with a wide selection of its perennial burger favourites and a full bar with beers on tap, Lombardo’s has also partnered with The Children’s Charities Association of Singapore to donate their profits from “The Most Expensive Burger in Singapore” to support their cause on raising awareness of the challenges of the special needs children of their member charities.

“The Most Expensive Burger in Singapore” will be available for 10 days till 21 October 2019. Personally conceptualised and cooked by the founder and the chef himself, Martijn Verdonk, he wants to first give back to the host country before starting his business here.

“We are grateful for this opportunity to be here in Singapore, and we want to start our relationship with the people in Singapore right by first giving back to them,” said Verdonk.

Lombardo’s Burger Singapore – How It First Started

Lombardo’s began humbly with just two burgers on its menu in 2010 at Nieuwe Spiegelstraat in Amsterdam’s Art District. Since then, with almost a decade of serving pleasurable mouth-watering burgers, the menu has expanded to include 15 other favourites. The restaurant has garnered over 2000 excellent 5-stars reviews on TripAdvisor, and been voted consistently as the best burger in Amsterdam (some say the world). Lombardo’s still boasts a long line and sells easily 250 burgers on a weekday afternoon.

Besides the high quality of the ingredients used and its secret homemade sauces, what sets Lombardo’s burgers apart from the rest is the dedication and focus on making a really good burger. Verdonk, the deejay-turned-private-chef-turned-expert-burger-maker shares his real-life experience, “Imagine you have an off-day and you just want to pamper your wife and children and make this really amazing burger. You go to the market and source for the best bread, patty, tomato, cheese, onions, lettuce. And you make it with love and care.” 

It is exactly this love and dedication that Singapore franchisee, Evelyn Yim, tasted and experienced whilst on a holiday in Amsterdam which led her to contact Verdonk to explore the possibility of having a Lombardo’s Burger Restaurant in Singapore.

“When I first bit into the BBQ Pulled Pork Burger in Amsterdam, it reminded me so much of the most delicious Pulled Pork burger I ever had in a random hole-in-a-wall in Switzerland but I could never find it again. I don’t want to miss not being able to eat this again,” Yim said on what motivated her to start this business.

“We love the food culture here in Singapore, and we know that Singaporeans take their food very seriously. So we are confident they will know an excellent burger when they taste one,” Verdonk shared.

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