Mdm Ling Bakery CNY 2023 Welcomes Year Of The Rabbit

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Fast-growing homegrown brand Mdm Ling Bakery is delighted to launch Blooming Spring Collections in celebration of the Year of the Rabbit. Taking design inspirations from picturesque gardens with bunny rabbits hopping amidst beautiful blooms, Mdm Ling Bakery CNY 2023 collection of attractively themed gift packages is the order of the day. Of noteworthy mention is a bevy of bespoke gift sets newly added to the smorgasbord of more than 30 well-curated repertoire of cookies and snacks as follows:

Steps to Prosperity’ 步步高升$148 

Not just a work of art but also an emblem of stepping up prosperity! With primrose-pink wooden trays intricately carved with stacks of artful blooms, this quintessential treasure trove of 12 tubs of signature cookies is the epitome of power gifts, signifying ascending to greater heights in the 12 months ahead.

‘Layers to Success’ Kueh Lapis Set马到层功 Set $78

A multi-layer delicacy already symbolic of longevity, prosperity, and promotion, Mdm Ling Bakery ups the ante by layering the kueh lapis with auspicious Chinese characters 吉, 福, 發 and 旺 which holds ‘rich’ meanings – good luck, fortune, wealth, and flourishing success! Gifting Kueh Lapis to friends and families will be even more propitious with 4 popular local flavours – original, pandan, chocolate and hawthorn.

Tote of Health (Primrose Pink) + Tote of Wealth (Royal Orange) $51.80 袋袋平安

Health is the greatest gift and contentment the greatest wealth? Now you can be content with the best of both worlds – Health and Wealth. What’s more, you can repurpose the chic tote as a carryall for your wallet, mobile phone, and keys, and not forgetting the mandarin oranges!

Alternatively, you can also get a square deal on limited edition square tins such as Spring’s Abloom 春风送福 $32.15, Bunny’s Blossoms 福兔迎祥 $32.15 and Floret’s Dreams 好梦连连 $32.15 (offering 4 in 1 best-selling or favourite cookies)

Rooted in its R&D philosophy, Mdm Ling Bakery also rolls out new crowd-pleasers year after year. Choose from tasty new renditions such as:

Traditional Nanyang Love Letters 传统南洋椰香鸡蛋卷

A time-honoured family recipe, these delightful love letters are lovingly made with 100% pure coconut milk and natural ingredients. Slow-baked at low temperature without any added water, preservatives, artificial colours and flavours, get ready to savour not just a tastier choice, but the unforgettable taste of yesteryear.

Salted Caramel Almond Cookies 海盐焦糖杏仁饼

With the perfect blend of buttery salted caramel and nutty almond flavours, be sure to get that sensorial delight at the first bite.  A match made in heaven! Addictive on its own or pair the cookies with ice cream.

Nostalgic Nyonya Coconut Cookies 传统娘惹椰子饼 

Crunchy and aromatic, enjoy the fragrant burst of coconut-y flavour with each bite, reminiscent of a trendy old-school snack. Feeling “newstalgic” already?

Hojicha Butter Cookies 焙茶奶油饼

The toasty aroma from the roasted Japanese green tea is delicately balanced with its buttery core. A palate-pleasing combination that looks as good as it tastes with its two-part hues.

King Crowns (muruku-inspired crisps) – Tomato flavour 番茄风味姆鲁古

Always on the lookout for tomato snacks? The all-new Tomato King Crowns – muruku-inspired crisps with a tangy tomato flavour – is the delicious answer. A crunchy delight perfected using an authentic Thai recipe, it is the addictive, on-the-go snack anytime this festive season!

An inclusive brand, Mdm Ling Bakery ensures that their well-loved cookies cater to all including those who have halal, vegan or vegetarian dietary preferences.

Retail Locations Islandwide:

-Takashimaya Square, Basement 2 (29 Dec – 20 Jan)

-Vivo City, Level 1 (30 Dec – 20 Jan)

-Suntec City West Wing, Tower 1, Level 1 (3 – 20 Jan)

-Velocity @ Novena Square, Level 1 (3 – 20 Jan)

-Compass One, Level 1 (3 – 20 Jan)

-Tampines Mall (28 Dec – 20 Jan)

Or Order Online and enjoy FREE delivery for online orders with a $88 purchase. Hotline: 8468 0201 / 8428 9016

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