Meadesmoore Refreshed Menu: Contemporary Spin To Classics

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Modern steakhouse, Meadesmoore, which is renowned for its dedication to exceptional cuts of beef and other proteins sourced from award-winning and most premium producers globally, is thrilled to launch its new and refreshed menu today.

Delight in an exceptional dining affair as the latest menu celebrates the charm of nostalgia and the sophistication of modern gastronomy. From meats dry-aged up to 68 days to other showstopping culinary creations, each dish is crafted to enchant even the finest of palates.

Developed meticulously by Executive Chef Victor Loy and his team, the menu pays homage to the timeless allure of the past while adding finesse and contemporary flair. With every bite, patrons can expect the same level of culinary excellence that has become synonymous with the Meadesmoore experience.


Diners can kickstart their meal on the right note with Meadesmoore’s enticing starters like a classic Steak Tartare (S$22).  With premium hand-chopped beef taking centre stage, the delectable tartare is sure to please as it is expertly seasoned and mixed with traditional condiments of mustard and Worcestershire sauce, topped with fried shallots that elevate the steakhouse staple.

Non-beef eaters can also relish in Meadesmoore’s exquisite array of seafood starters like the Blue Prawn Tagliolini (S$24), a pasta dish that spotlights the subtle sweetness of blue prawns, which is complemented by the briny richness of the smoked herring roe. Along with sherry vinegar, truffle oil and salted kelp paste, this dish is enveloped in an explosion of umami flavour. Alternatively, enjoy the refreshing Yellowtail Kingfish Crudo (S$26) – fresh Yellowtail Kingfish is thinly sliced and accompanied by the subtle heat and fruitiness of the Aji Amarillo-infused passionfruit dressing, along with herbaceous dill oil and tangy pickles to whet your appetite.

Another standout is the Kuju Kushima Oyster Mornay (S$14 for 2 pieces, S$36 for 6 pieces) where succulent oysters are blanketed in a combination of flavourful wilted spinach and luscious reduced cream. Enhanced by the nutty undertones of grana padano, the Oyster Mornay is the perfect prelude to your meal at Meadesmoore.


From the pristine pastures of Australia, enjoy the Cote De Boeuf (S$280, 1KG+/-) that was meticulously dry-aged for at least 65 days to lock in and enhance both the flavour and tenderness. Through the ageing process, this grain-fed steak boasts a buttery tenderness with nuances of nuttiness and sweetness, delivering a complex flavour profile that is sure to please all steak aficionados. Seared to perfection to your preferred doneness, the caramelised crust adds a delightful depth to every bite and is the perfect steak for sharing.

The crowd-favourite Wagyu Flat Iron (S$75, 220G) is sourced from Queensland, Australia and impresses with a marble score of 9+. Seasoned simply with salt and pepper, each mouthwateringly beefy bite is a treat for the palate.

Besides steaks, the new Meadesmoore menu also offers other outstanding non-beef options, such as the tender Lamb Rack (S$78, 350G). Sourced from White Pyrenees, Victoria, Australia, the juicy lamb rack is complemented perfectly by fragrant confit garlic and vibrant salsa verde that will leave you craving for more. For fish lovers, be transported to the tranquil Isle of Ghiga in Scotland with the flaky and tender White Halibut (S$52, 250G). This premium fish is pan-fried skin side up and seasoned lightly to retain its mild and sweet flavour. Together with charred lemon and bearnaise sauce, it is a simple dish with few ingredients but delivers big on flavour.

Vegetarian diners at Meadesmoore will find a selection of hearty options, including the moreish Truffle Potato Gnocchi (S$38), which is infused with the earthy aroma of truffle. Accompanied by a luscious truffle paste, curly kale and black trompette mushrooms, this dish is perfect for the ultimate indulgence. Other vegetarian options include delectable sides such as the velvety-smooth Ratte Potato Puree (S$18) – mashed Ratte potato in a heavenly blend of butter, milk, a hint of nutmeg and finished with a sprinkle of chives and a drizzle of Arbequina EVO Olive oil; sweet and savoury Roasted Honey Saffron Cauliflower (S$16) – roasted cauliflower florets marinated in honey and saffron, served atop a bed of homemade ricotta, aromatic dukkah spices, and pomegranate; the bestselling Meadesmoore’s Signature Mac and Cheese (S$25) – perfectly al dente casarecce pasta which is layered with a blend of four rich and creamy cheeses and drizzled with truffle oil.


Desserts at Meadesmoore are equally exceptional. End your dining experience on a sweet note with the Cheesecake Crêpe (S$20); a dessert that is not to be missed. Impressively flambéed tableside, each delicate crêpe is filled with creamy whipped cheesecake mousse and is complemented by seasonal caramelised fruits. Served with a light salted caramel sauce from the roasting pan, this dessert hits the jackpot with its perfect combination of flavours, texture and theatrical presentation.

Another nod to the classics can be found in Meadesmoore’s Rose and Red Wine Pear (S$18), which features pears steeped in rose-infused red wine and served with vanilla yoghurt, streusel and raspberry sorbet.

Experience the beloved flavours of yesteryears (revisited and improved) at Meadesmoore, where a luxurious dining experience awaits.

Meadesmoore is located at 21A Boon Tat Street Singapore 069620 and opens on Monday – Thursday (Lunch: 11.30am – 3pm, Dinner: 5.30pm – 10pm), Friday (Lunch: 11.30am – 3pm, Dinner: 5.30pm – 11pm) and Saturday (5.30pm – 11pm). 

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