Orchard Cafe Signature Class Buffet Debuts At Orchard Hotel Singapore

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Fresh from a multimillion-dollar enhancement, Orchard Hotel Singapore’s iconic restaurant, The Orchard Cafe, returns with a vibrant and chic brand new décor characterising the colourful cultures of our island’s heritage ethnic cuisines which are served up in abundance at a Signature Class buffet spread.

“The Orchard Cafe has been a steadfast culinary icon of Orchard Hotel Singapore for almost three decades; a beloved space known for culinary flair and great attention to detail. Our dedicated team, headed by newly-appointed Executive Chef Bryce Li, look forward to creating delicious memories for loyal fans as well as diners discovering the restaurant for the first time,” shares Mr Byron Chong, General Manager of Orchard Hotel Singapore.

Orchard Cafe Signature Class Buffet – Elevated, Heritage-Inspired Cuisine

Heeding the national call for keeping Singapore’s unique heritage of ethnic dishes alive, The Orchard Cafe’s all-new Signature Class buffet presents a revival of golden favourites – many of which are fast-disappearing from Singapore’s foodscapes.

Take Tau Kwa Pau, a classic example of a popular side dish often found at Teochew Duck Rice stalls up till the 1990s. Today, few are aware of this delicious pocket of deep-fried Tau Kwa stuffed with overflowing chopped egg, fried yam, cucumber and fish cake, served with braised duck sauce.

At The Orchard Cafe, diners will get to savour this Teochew-style delight at a newly- installed open kitchen, enhanced by our chefs with a luxurious topping of specialty Pu-er Tea Smoked Roast Duck from the award-winning Hua Ting Restaurant. Fans of roast meats will also find a mouth-watering selection of dishes on rotation, including Roast Crispy Kurobuta Pork Belly served with Egg Fried Rice and Braised Soya Sauce Chicken accompanied by Fragrant Chicken Rice.

Growing up, many Hokkien families will have fond memories of slurping up bowls filled to the brim with Ter Kah Bee Hoon – a one-wok-meal comprising rice vermicelli, topped off with braised pig trotters.

As many long-time fans of The Orchard Cafe will know, one of Singapore’s best versions of this home-style Hokkien fare has been cooked up by the restaurant’s Chef Ah Huat for over 20 years! With the restaurant’s revamped, Chef Ah Huat renews his legacy with his Braised Pork Knuckle Bee Hoon served in Leaf Pocket – a fragrant, irresistible rendition of the evergreen Hokkien dish that’s sure to fulfil cravings for those childhood tastes and memories.

For noodle fans, The Orchard Cafe’s renowned Live Noodle Bar makes a comeback as well, dishing up bountiful bowls of slurp-a-licious Asian favourites such as Penang Chicken Curry Noodles. From Singapore’s heritage noodle favourites, there’s a selection of Bak Chor Mee, Singapore Laksa with Cockles, Fried Sliced Fish Noodles and Prawn Noodle Soup on rotation that are sure to pique diners’ appetites for a piping hot bowl of freshly-prepared noodles and broth.

Orchard Cafe Signature Class Buffet – Char-grilled Charm & Orchard’s Hottest Sambal Selection

The Orchard Cafe’s extensive renovation also debuts a top-of-the-line flame and charcoal grill, allowing our chefs to achieve the full, robust flavours of flame-licked barbecue items such as Char-grilled 5-Spice Chicken Wings, Ox Tripe and Duck Hearts Satay, and Chargrilled Barramundi with Kampong Sauce.

For those who fancy their meats char-grilled to perfection, there’s also USA Striploin Marinated in Soy-Mirin and Kurobuta Pork Collar Kebabs spiced with Szechuan Peppers.

Digging deep into Singapore’s hottest list of chilli sauces, diners are challenged to match their dishes with The Orchard Cafe’s selection of eight fiery-hot yet mouth-watering Signature Class Sambal dipping sauces: Sambal Udang Kering, Sambal Belado, Sambal Ikan Bilis, Sambal Ijo, Sambal Balachan, Mango Sambal, Pineapple Sambal and Lime Sambal.

This specially curated selection harks back to decades-old, tried-and-tested recipes by our local chefs, as the restaurant looks to bring diners the flavours of Singapore’s yesteryear culinary traditions.

Orchard Cafe Signature Class Buffet – Sweet Endings

For desserts, The Orchard Cafe has dedicated its sweetest desires to serenading Gula Melaka lovers everywhere. This humble Nyonya ingredient is found in many of the heritage Peranakan and Malay kueh and cakes that will be available on rotation at the restaurant’s all new dessert bar.

Our chefs have also taken dessert to Signature Class level, with sweet-tooth worth creations such as Gula Melaka Crème Brûlée, Ondeh Chiffon Cake, and an indulgent, must-try Chendol featuring Gula Melaka-flavoured ice shavings.

There’s even an ice-cream section featuring the favourite children’s malted drink Horlicks as a delicious soft-serve, to be topped off with a selection of fanciful sweet treats from marshmallow and waffle wafers to rainbow sprinkles and chopped nuts.

Orchard Cafe Signature Class Buffet  – A Signature Class Icon

In elevating The Orchard Cafe to new heights, Executive Chef Bryce Li and his team have curated a hand-picked buffet selection worthy of its Signature Class direction in all aspects: from the seafood on ice featuring premium Alaskan King Crabs, Fresh US Oysters and Blue-Lip Mussels, to a colourful, eye-catching salad bar elegantly lined with individually-prepared jars of superfood-rich salad options,

as well as upscale versions of heritage-inspired local dishes such as Wok-Fried Fragrant Truffle Egg Fried Rice, Lobster Roti John and Chilled Jasmine Scented Tau Suan with Coconut Milk.

Tasteful morsels of house-cured, marinated meats are also a new feature of the revamped buffet. Diners can indulge in surprising taste pairings such as Salmon Cured with Laksa Leaves, whilst a dedicated area for Western-style carved meats will showcase a rotation of premium beef and pork cuts alongside seasonal greens.

Complementing the exceptional cuisine is a revitalised and contemporary ambience featuring soothing tones from a stylish, tropical-inspired palette of green and grey tones. A brand-new layout also incorporates a chic indoor bar and al fresco seating amidst lush landscaped greenery – a cosy haven to dine and savour sips from a menu of curated cocktails and wines.

The Orchard Cafe also continues its legacy as an outstanding all-day-dining destination, with a hearty Breakfast Buffet spread setting an energetic pace each morning and an a la carte menu of tasteful best-in-class contemporary dishes available throughout the day.

The restaurant’s four-month renovation is a key part of Orchard Hotel Singapore’s extensive enhancement campaign, bringing an all-new contemporary look and feel to the lobby and Intermezzo Bar. The restaurant has a total seating capacity of 207 (indoor: 170 and alfresco: 37). For reservations, please call 6739 6565 or email [email protected].

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