Park Hotel Clarke Quay CNY Reunion Dinners Ushers In New Lunar Year

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Before you know it, we are soon approaching The Year of the Dog 2018. Hailed as the 11th animal in the 12-year cycle of Chinese zodiac sign, the dog’s ever sociable and loyal characteristics promise an abundance of excitement, challenges and opportunities in the coming new year. Park Hotel Clarke Quay Chef James Wong, a culinary specialist with nearly four decades of Oriental and Cantonese cuisine proudly presents a line-up of Park Hotel Clarke Quay CNY Reunion Dinners and lunches to usher in the Year of the Dog. He invites you to come savour his creations with your loved ones, colleagues and business associates from 8 February to 2 March 2018.

Park Hotel Clarke Quay CNY Reunion Dinners – The Menus

Chef Wong and his team have put together the following menu options – 8-course Prosperity Menu, 8-course Fortune Menu, 7-course Harmony Menu and 6-course Success Menu. Park Hotel Clarke Quay CNY Reunion Dinners menus are brimming with their signature must-haves, artfully paired with the culinary maestro’s unconventional interpretations of flavours and preparation methods.

Park Hotel Clarke Quay CNY Reunion Dinners – The Main Star

Taking the limelight this year is the Ultimate Success Premium Abalone Yu Sheng, artfully arrayed in lofty layers of purple cabbage, radish, shimeji and enoki mushrooms, lycium leaves, yellow chives and carrots. It is a pretty pyramid of health!

The spectrum of colours with an exquisite combination of flavours and textures is paired with premium gold-dusted abalones and a sprinkling of fragrant kaffir leaves with Chef’s home-made sauce. The result – a perfect celebratory dish for you to extend blessings of fortune, health, luck, harmony, peace, abundance and longevity to those who matter to you most.

The Prosperity Tuna Yu Sheng, on the other hand, comprises meaty cuts of tender, pan-seared tuna with kombu, aptly known as the King of Seaweed, honey mustard and sesame seeds. To know exactly what to say doing a Lo Hei, check out this post on Chinese New Year Auspicious Phrases During Yu Sheng (Lo Hei)

You will adore the refreshing taste of the Chef’s home-made sauce which went perfectly with the rest of the crispy ingredients. The part that will definitely thrill your loved ones would be the premium gold-dusted abalones. Everyone gets to savour their own morsel of luxury.

Park Hotel Clarke Quay CNY Reunion Dinners – The Signature Dishes 

Next to be served was the Superior Braised Shark’s Fin Soup with Crab Meat and Homemade Stuffed Crab Claw. Folks who are not too comfortable with the traditional shark’s fin soup can choose to go for the alternative 8-Treasure Soup served with Crabmeat, conpoy, fish maw, sea cucumber, abalone, fish lips, golden mushroom, Chinese mushroom. Do note that the request must be made in advance to allow ample preparation time.

We were delighted with the flavourful starchy concoction. The chef surprised us with his generosity, we tasted shark fin in every sip.

Next, the Steamed Whole Red Garoupa in Superior Light Soy Sauce with bones all cleverly extracted was a yummilicious sight!

Delightful rolls of tender flesh were carefully rolled around with crunchy asparagus stalks for individual servings. We really appreciated the additional work that goes into preparing this dish. This thoughtful presentation will make it easy for the young and elderly to better enjoy the family feast.

Stir-fried King Topshell with Chinese Greens started the ball rolling on the less conventional dishes. While we enjoyed the topshell chewy texture, it was a little too salty for our palate.

If you love Poulet’s French-style, creamy roast chicken, you are going to slurp up the cream sauce on this dish. Chef James’ version of Golden, Crispy Chicken with Fresh Button Mushroom in Cream Sauce tasted almost similar to that of Poulet. This unconventional reunion feast dish will definitely go well with the younger folks.

The Tiger Prawn Toast is yet another less traditional dish where succulent, sprightly crustacean meets scintillating tomato salsa that wowed us. The burst of flavours from natural sweetness to tanginess culminate in the intense tenderness of marinated, chunky tomatoes.

We recommend that you just ditch your chopsticks and eat with your hands!

We have to be frank that we did not do the Fragrant Egg-white Fried Rice justice as we were simply too full. The fluffy grains paired with crunchy root vegetables, presented in an intricately “woven” vermicelli basket was so good that the thought of packing it up for lunch the very next day was a very tempting offer.

The meal ended on a sweet note with a refreshing Mango Peach Jelly.

With its luxurious lineup, we have no doubt that the reunion menu will leave your loved ones feeling satisfied and filled with hope and prosperity for the new year. We were impressed with Chef James Wong’s CNY creations and would definitely be back for more in the near future.

Park Hotel Clarke Quay CNY Reunion Dinners – Reserve Early To Avoid Disappointment

The menus are available from $338++ for a table of four to five diners, to $628++ for a table of nine to 10 diners. It is inclusive of free-flowing red date tea and soft drinks, alongside Lunar New Year carrier bags with red packets and mandarins. Three dining sessions are available: 12noon, 6pm or 8.30pm.

For reservations, please contact 6593 8825 / 59 or [email protected].

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