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Forgetting passwords is an everyday occurrence for millions of people. Going from one important Internet site to another to pay bills or to do research can be an annoying exercise unless you know your password for every site you visit. It’s safe to say most people forget the original passwords they set up to gain access to certain websites. And there isn’t a solution to that problem, according to the frustrated Internet surfers who don’t know about OneLogin. OneLogin is the answer password slackers dream about. They don’t have to keep a book filled with crazy passwords anymore when they use OneLogin’s single sign-on password service.

That may sound too good to be true, but thousands of people are logging on to all their important sites using the OneLogin’s simple sign-on application. Single sign-on, also known as SSO, is a game-changer for people who need help with password overload. But OneLogin isn’t just for private individuals, according to Jack Shepherd, the chief compliance and security officer for the company.

Mr. Shepherd’s wrote the article 4 Things Manufacturers Need To Know To Balance Security and Productivity, and the response to his suggestions in that article was incredible. Manufacturing companies are waking up, thanks to Jack’s well-written article. Many manufacturers are behind when it comes to understanding what IT can do for their bottom line. Shepherd’s article explains why it is important to use an SSO when they are doing business on the Internet.

Private individuals ask Shepherd what OneLogin can do for them, and his answer is a simple one. Shepherd says OneLogin streamlines the password process. The OneLogin SSO portal allows users to sign on to various sites because the portal is a multifactor authentication. That means only authorized users have access to important and sensitive data.

The beauty of using the OneLogin single sign-on program is manufacturing companies and private individuals can put more restrictions on password use. Only individuals who have a security clearance can sign on, and there’s a timeout feature that comes with the OneLogin app. There is also a reset application that allows approved users to change passwords to heighten Internet protection.

The multifactor authentication portal helps manufacturers with locations in other cities in different time zones, keep password use consistent with the manufacturers home office sign-on system. OneLogin also offers companies and individuals a desktop single sign in tool that gives them the option to sign on to several Google and WordPress apps. And they only have to use one password to do it. The old password books are history now that OneLogin offers companies and individuals a chance to sign on to their favourite websites with just one password.

Some people say OneLogin is just for the big corporations that have many users so they need an app that simplifies the sign on process. But those people may not do enough web searching or they might not use the Internet that much. But according to Jack Shepherd, everyone needs a simple sign on program because the Internet is like the Wild West was 100 years ago. Internet bandits and con artists wear a different kind of mask these days. The OneLogin password feature stops these villains from stealing your intellectual property.

Everyone knows how painful an unwanted Internet intrusion can be. OneLogin stops those attacks, so the company is helping everyone who needs the Internet to do business and to function in this age of technology. Passwords aren’t going away so it’s time for everyone to get relief from password fatigue and OneLogin can help produce that relief.

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