Picanhas Singapore – Savour Prized Brazilian Steaks At Hip Club Street

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Singapore’s hip neighbourhood Club Street welcomes newest restaurant Picanhas Singapore, a dining experience celebrating the eponymous steak from Brazil. The prized Brazilian cut comes from the rump cap muscle, located at the top rear region of the cow. The picanha is similar to a sirloin but one that gives a smooth mouthfeel and a beefy robust taste along its signature strip of fat.

Picanhas Singapore – Steaks For The People

For the Singaporean founder Shaleh Jati, 40, Picanhas’ steaks are only as good as enjoying it with good people. It’s hard to miss the restaurateur’s core belief when it’s hung on the wall of his flagship outlet; in bright neon light it reads: “Steaks for the People”. Shaleh, who’s private and humble by nature, is an advocate of simple dishes and concoctions, conscious service standards, and contributing to the community.

Picanhas Singapore – Culinary Highlights

These seemingly modest dishes will surprise you with its bold flavours. Diners can choose from two signature bowls incorporating the best features into one unique blend — the Queen of Steaks and the Picanha Don.

The Queen of Steaks (SG$21) is a serving of picanha steak slices drizzled with browned charcoal butter. Be mesmerised with the soft textures and piquant flavours. Another main, the hearty Picanha Don (SG$16), is served with picanha steak slices nestled on a bed of butterfly pea infused rice. The deep-fried crunchy garlic bits, caramelised onions, pickled cabbage, and onsen egg complements the dish.

“We hope the restaurant offers people a common ground to initiate conversations around good and affordable food with family and friends,” says Shaleh.

Pair your choice of meat bowls with delicious sides like CousCous with sun-dried tomatoes, olives, and orange — a combination of sweet and sour; creamy Spinach; double-cooked Potatoes drizzled with Sriracha mayo; and a mix of button and shitake Mushrooms for a complete meal.

Picanhas Singapore – Thirst Quenchers

The highlights of the drink menu feature four Asian-inspired mocktails conceptualised and concocted by David Kit, 27, taking inspiration from fruits to compliment the dishes. Toast to the night with the Kyoho Sangria, a refreshing mocktail that is bound to whet your appetite, is a mix of lychee, chrysanthemum, honey, non-alcoholic wine with a tinge of cinnamon, and topped with Kyoho foam.

The Rose is a creamy mocktail of yogurt with a dash of rose cordial and pomegranate topped off with dehydrated rose chips to give it a sweet finish. Sip on the Lemongrass, a coconut water-based mocktail with lemongrass, hawthorn, and kiwi. To end off the night on a high note, order a round of Adam’s Apple Yuzu made with cucumber, yuzu, hojicha, and topped with a torched green apple for a refreshing experience.

For more information, go to picanhassg.com or follow them on Facebook and Instagram at @picanhassg.

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