PMQ Hong Kong Old Town Walkabout Exhibition Relives Fond Memories

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PMQ Hong Kong Old Town Walkabout Exhibition is a new interactive exhibition that focuses on the scenes and neighbourhood of Central and Sheung Wan area in the 50’s and 60’s, and relives the daily lives of the yesteryear through vivid illustrations, real-life props and trick art. You can step back into the old days and immerse yourselves in scenes including traditional barber stall and lion dance parade using nostalgic props. The exhibition is currently open until 31 March 2018 at PMQ.

PMQ Hong Kong Old Town Walkabout Exhibition – Thematic Booths

Two thematic booths, Traditional Barber Stall and Lion Dance Parade, are being set up at the verandahs outside S506 and H502 respectively, while Time Warp trick art installation will be showcased starting from mid-February. The exhibition is open for free from 7am to 11pm daily during the exhibition period.

Lion Dance Parade

Lion dance, as a traditional performance, played a crucial role in the lives of old Hong Kong. In Asian culture, lion dance symbolises good luck and fortune, therefore it can be seen alongside the thunderous sound of firecrackers in various festive celebrations. You are invited to experience the festive atmosphere by mimicking the lion dance and big Buddha using the props!

Traditional Barber Stall

Tri-coloured barber poles, silver stainless steel scissors, high-back leather barber chair… all of these were once the symbols of traditional hair salons. These traditional barber stalls are progressively replaced by modern hair salons and are no longer a familiar sight in Central. This exhibition brings the traditional barber stall back to life and allows you to step back into the decade.

PMQ Hong Kong Old Town Walkabout Exhibition – Time Warp Trick Art Installation

Take a peek at the old street scene with Time Warp. The installation makes use of trick art technique to mimic the street scenes viewing from a balcony of the former Police Married Quarters, allowing you to immerse themselves in nostalgic scenes of old Central and Sheung Wan. It will be available from mid-February on Ground Floor of PMQ, a not-to-be-missed for photo-op lovers!

PMQ Hong Kong Old Town Walkabout Exhibition – Nostalgic Paper Dolls Souvenir 

The standard of living during the early days was quite far off from today’s. Quintessentially, paper toys were a common favourite pastime for kids in ordinary families and up to date, it remains as one of the most time-honoured toys in Hong Kong’s history. These nostalgic paper dolls souvenir has three different costumes reflecting the different roles of the site of nowadays PMQ throughout various eras in Hong Kong’s history.

PMQ Hong Kong Old Town Walkabout Exhibition – Exhibition Details

In this exhibition, PMQ aims at highlighting not only its historical value as the Former Hollywood Road Police Married Quarters but also its connection with the entire community. From the Central School to the Police Married Quarters and to today, the landmark of the creative industry, the site has been an active player in the neighbouring community. By showcasing the daily lives of yesterdays in this interactive exhibition, you can get a glimpse of the history and livelihood of the community in the old days.

Dates: Opens from now until 31 March 2018 | Time: 7am – 11pm daily | Venue: PMQ Hong Kong | Traditional Barber Stall: Verandah outside S506, Lion Dance Parade: Verandah outside H502  & Time Warp Trick Art Installation will be available from mid-February on Ground Floor of PMQ | Fees: Free admission

PMQ Hong Kong Old Town Walkabout Exhibition – Souvenir Redemption Details

From mid-February onwards, overseas visitors visiting PMQ can redeem a set of paper doll souvenir by presenting valid travel document at PMQ Info Centre (SG01). In addition, by taking photos at the Traditional Barber Stall and Lion Dance Parade exhibition booths and sharing the photos on any social media platform with hashtag #OldTownWalkabout, overseas visitors can redeem two additional nostalgic paper costumes at Heritage PMQ (S508) and Taste Library (H504) respectively to fully appreciate this classic toy. The souvenirs are limited and available on a first-come-first-served basis while stock lasts.

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