Roxy Bar Singapore – Chill & Savour New York City Inspired Cocktails

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The same group that brought Miss Fitz Kitchen + Bar is excited to announce the launch of Roxy, a new cocktail bar concept in the heart of the Singapore CBD at The Sail at Marina Bay.  Roxy Bar Singapore is a glammed up but worn in cocktail bar and spirits room inspired by the back rooms and rock & roll nightclubs of 1970’s Lower East Side Manhattan.  This mischievous yet sophisticated lounge serves adult fun as a spirit-forward drinking den and tasting room with a vintage panache from décor bathed in a red-light hue and iconic images of NYC musicians, artists and socialites.

Roxy Bar Singapore – Get Transported Through Time

Found through an unmarked door at the Sail at Marina Bay or through the passageway in the back of Miss Fitz, this 20-seat hidden enclave immediately transports you back in time and across the world to the 1970’s in The Big Apple. Filled with the sounds of classic rock n roll, early glam bands, original punk rock and emerging disco of the era, you can’t help but feel that you are drinking alongside the legends that adorn the walls – whether having a Negroni with David Bowie or a Boilermaker with Keith Richards, the sights and sounds bring to life the grit and glamour of the era.

Roxy Bar Singapore – The Cocktail Menu

The cocktail menu combines the simplicity of spirit-forward, classic drinks typical of an old-world back room bar with a glamourous twist of 1970’s rock n roll across three distinct categories: signature cocktails, classic cocktail flights, and boilermakers (a beer and a shot combo). The concept and cocktail list were created in collaboration with Proof Creative, one of the worlds most awarded drinks consultancies.

Named for iconic nightclubs, songs of the era and classic beverages from the five boroughs, each signature cocktail (S$22+ – S$25+) brings a unique story of New York Americana to Singapore.  Highlights include the CBGB Swizzle, a riff on the classic Mai Tai named for the Lower East Side Manhattan club known as the birthplace of punk music;

You Don’t Have to Put on the Red Light, an amaro twist on the classic Negroni named for the Sting song and bar’s namesake “Roxanne”;

the Jean Genie, a pear twist on a classic daquiri named for the David Bowie song that he called  “a smorgasbord of imagined Americana”; and The New York Dolls Sour, a whiskey sour with American apple brandy named for the legendary 1970’s glam metal band.

In addition to the signature cocktails, Roxy offers cocktail flights (S$45+ – S$55+), each featuring three variations on a classic.  Explore the different base spirits and speak with the staff on the evolution and history of the cocktails over time.  The team is led by head bartender Tash Nayar, who brings 10 years of industry experience to his second concept launch as head bartender (previously at Miss Fitz).

Through the cocktail flights, Nayar and his team offer insight into how the Italian Negroni evolved into the American version of the Boulevardier, the difference in tasting notes of the classic Manhattan versus the Greenpoint Manhattan and an understanding of different styles of the Martini, from the classic to a Hanky Panky.

In true rock n roll fashion, if something stronger is preferred, Roxy offers a selection of boilermakers (S$24+ – S$28+) – the very simple combination of shot alongside a beer.  Boilermakers are a historical drink of New York typically served to longshoremen and dock workers after coming off a hard day’s shift and still a favourite way to start the party or take the edge off after a long day.  Roxy’s boilermaker menu features curated shots that combine spirits with aromatic bitters, fortified wines or flavourful liqueurs to ensure they are perfect pair alongside a rotational menu of Brown Ale, IPA or Stout.

The bar bites menu truly ties the New York to this Singapore location with the perfect pairing to any drink.  The bites are variations on iconic New York foods that bring simple, yet playful forms of the food that defines New York.  You can’t miss the Bagel Popcorn, popcorn tossed in the spices of an everything bagel; Pastrami Sandwich Bites mimicking the famous Katz Deli, or a Hot Dog With Diced Onions & Cheese found at any street corner pushcart.

For those looking for more of a dining destination, check out Miss Fitz in front of Roxy. Miss Fitz offers a menu of contemporary Mediterranean sharing plates for a bright, vibrant meal before or after drinks at Roxy. Roxy opens 5.00pm to 10.30pm, Wednesday to Sunday subject to current government regulations. Reservations are available by phone or WhatsApp at 9382-5147, or online here.

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