Say Kanpai With The Finest Sake As Sake Meguri 2024 Returns

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“Okaeri” Sake Meguri! Mark your calendars and – get ready to raise your glasses and say “Kanpai” as Sake Meguri 2024, Singapore’s premier sake event, makes its highly anticipated return to Singapore on 27 July 2024. The event will see the Singapore Expo Foyer 1, Level 2 (Peridot 201-203), be transformed into a paradise for sake enthusiasts. With an expected attendance of up to 800 attendees, this year’s event promises to be bigger, better, and more spirited than ever before!

With sake appreciation skyrocketing worldwide, Singapore has emerged as a premier destination for sake enthusiasts, ranking as the sixth-largest importer of Japanese-made sake in 2023. Dive into the world of premium sake as Sake Meguri, organised by, brings together over 200 premium sake labels from 18 renowned sake breweries in Japan alongside’s extensive range of premium sake. Sip, savour, and discover your new favourite sake at the Grand Tasting where attendees can sample the wide range of premium sake from 12 pm to 5 pm.

Embark on an unparalleled tasting experience, featuring an extensive array of exclusive and seasonal sake. Renowned brands such as Kirishima Shuzo, Choya Umeshu, Hakkaisan Brewery, Kitaya, Nambu Shuzojo, and more, will be showcasing their finest sake, specially crafted to take you and your taste buds to the heart of Japan. Sake Meguri also boasts award-winning sake recognised by the Singapore Sake Challenge, a prestigious sake awards event held for the first time in Singapore in 2023. Savour the exquisite taste of award-winning sake meticulously crafted by talented brewers from Nanbu Bijin, Hatsumomidi, Miyasaka Brewing, Katoukichibee Shouten, and more, whose exceptional quality captivated the judges’ palates. Don’t miss this opportunity to discover the rich flavours of these curated sake!

Sake Masters bring tradition and culture into every sip

Rooted in Japanese culture, the country’s national drink is steeped in tradition – born from the meticulous fermentation of rice in a process that transforms grains into sake. Sake Meguri offers a unique opportunity to experience this rich heritage without the need to make a pilgrimage to the Sake regions across Japan, such as Kansai, Chubu and Kanto. Gathering renowned sake masters in Singapore, specially flying in from Japan — attendees will be able to deepen their appreciation for sake through the wisdom of these sake masters.

With years of dedication and meticulous practice, sake masters devote their lives to perfecting their craft — weaving tales of tradition, passion, and innovation into every drop of sake they create. Engage with them firsthand and gain a deeper understanding of the history and craftsmanship behind the drink, flavour profiles, the ideal sake pairing with various food choices and more.

Eric Ong, Director of said, “Sake Meguri 2024 is a celebration of sake’s artistry and rich culture. The event serves as a bridge to connect sake enthusiasts with the makers themselves, spotlighting the finest creations of Japan’s sake breweries and offering unbeatable deals for attendees to snag home their favourite brews. We’re thrilled to offer attendees a unique exploration of this exquisite beverage, fostering a deeper appreciation for its heritage and diverse flavours.”

Kanpai to exclusive great deals!

Enjoy exclusive ‘Star Buy’ promotions with up to 60 per cent off on a curated selection of sake products and special discounts on all sake products at the event. Whether you’re a seasoned sake enthusiast or just kickstarting your sake journey, this is the perfect opportunity to stock up on your favourites and explore exciting new finds at unbeatable prices.

Ticket Information

Early-bird ticket prices are available from now till the end of June.

Type Standard Price Early-bird Promo Price
Single Ticket $65.00 $58.00
Bundle of 4 $260.00 $199.00
Bundle of 10 $650.00 $399.00

Don’t miss out—explore the world of sake at Sake Meguri 2024! All tickets include access to the Grand Tasting with over 200 premium sake labels, and a free goodie bag worth up to $80 containing Riedel glassware, bottles of sake, wine and umeshu, and a variety of snacks. Tickets are now available for purchase at

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