How To Legally Buy A Samurai Swords In Singapore Or All Over the World

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Samurai swords, used by the Japanese, were crafted in a special way. They had a single and very sharp cutting edge. They were curved, very strong, and flexible. Owning the samurai sword was part of high social status. The sword was used as the ultimate weapon especially, during the Mongol invasion, when the Japanese had the best opportunity to use it on the battlefield. The metalsmiths that worked on the swords were not only admired, but they were also respected and given a high religious status.

The religious mystique that they enjoyed was due to their relationship with the Buddhist sects. They also managed three of the five basic elements in Japanese folklore, which included metal, water, and fire. After the smith was done with the sword, he passed it to a sharpener and a polisher who then used his skills to sharpen and gleam it using stones of different grades and water. The polisher then returned it to the smith, who then engraved his signature on the weapon. The cutting ability of the weapon was then tested on a condemned criminal.

Types of Samurai swords

Samurai swords are of different types in  They vary in length, and back in the history of the Japanese, it was normal for a samurai to carry with him two swords, one which was short and a long one. The pair consisting of the long and short swords were known as Daisho. The longer sword was called Katana, and the short one called Wakizashi. Before the invention of the Katana sword, The Japanese used a ‘Mallet-headed’ sword and the Tachi, which had a very long blade that could reach 90 cm.

Legalities in buying a Samurai sword in Singapore and all over the world

Handcrafted swords are a commodity of high value, especially those with more elaborate designs. Their worth can range even up to $15,000. So many customers are currently buying expensive swords since they understand that the sword’s value appreciates yearly. Despite their lucrativeness, owning one comes with a lot of conditions.

The Singapore police force recommends that the Samurai swords should not be displayed in a public place. Anyone who wants to bring in the swords must apply for an import license. The police might also call for the owner to take the sword to the police station for inspection before issuing him the license. Any shop that intends to deal in swords has to first follow the strict procedures put in place. These procedures include taking them to the authorities for approval, before displaying them for sale.

It is illegal to sell the swords to anyone who is below 18, and any customer who buys one has to leave behind their contacts and identification card numbers. The customers are required to fill up purchase registration forms at the stores where they are buying the collectibles. Laws concerning the swords are so strict in Singapore in comparison to other countries like the USA.

At the shops, there are two kinds of Japanese swords being sold. These are the authentic Japanese sword and the replica sword. Authentic Japanese swords are sharp and have a rich history, while the replica swords have no edges. Authentic swords are much more expensive.

The procedures for getting an import license for swords in Singapore are:

  • One should register for UEN and activate the customs account.
  • Then check if the goods are controlled. In this case, importing swords is controlled.
  • Apply for inter-bank GIRO
  • Furnish security
  • Apply for the customs import permit
  • Prepare documents for cargo clearance
  • Retain the trade documents

These procedures are for controlled goods.

In Japan, a person has to comply with these laws in order to be allowed to have a sword. Only individuals who are linked to sports such as the Hombu Dojo or a form of the Samurai sports, the Yakuza, and other elite family members, are allowed access to these swords but under certain laws restricting the use of the weapons. To purchase a Samurai sword for resale, there are processes that have to be followed for the sword to be legally claimed. In Japan, a person must have his sword registered in Ju-to-ho, which is a Japanese swords and firearms law. This applies to both antique and newly made.

Japan’s knife laws

The Japanese that have these swords have certificates and licenses. In other words, they have a certificate and are provided with licenses, the name of the license being, Juho-token-Rui-torokusho. The license has to be close to the sword at all times. The storage bags of the swords can be used to keep the license. Should a person seek the change in ownership of a sword, the Prefectural Education Board must be given notice within 20 days. A form called Shoyuusha-henko-todoke who has to be filled and submitted to the board. Any unregistered sword has to be surrendered to the crime prevention section of the district police.


In other countries all over the world, some conditions have to be met by a person before being allowed to buy the swords. One has to attain the age of 18. It is also illegal to carry the swords in a public place. However, in the United Kingdom, a law was passed on the 6th of April,2008 that banned Samurai and other curved swords having blade lengths of 50 cm and above, with exceptions of the martial artists and certain genuine Japanese swords. But on the 1st of August,2008, an amendment to the law was passed, allowing the selling of handmade curved and Samurai swords, produced traditionally to be sold without a license.


Everyone has a desire. Owning the Samurai sword can be someone’s desire. It has a rich history and a rich value. The swords can be found in sword shops or weapon stores. Although, some conditions must be met before owning one. Buyers must leave behind their contacts and identification numbers. The customers should also fill up purchase registration forms. Samurai swords are lucrative, but legal procedures must be followed before owning one.

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