Sudio Fem – 25% Off To Kickstart Your Freedom From Wires & Limitations!

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We really appreciate Sudio for always sharing their latest products with us for reviews. We got the opportunity to experience Sudio Niva when it was first released and I fell head over heels with the brand since then (Ps. I am still very bonded with my Niva today). Next, we reviewed Sudio Tolv which was awesome both in design, usability and performance too! Join us for their latest release, the brand new Sudio Fem which promises to free you from wires and limitations forever! Scroll down to get your exclusive 25% during CNY period too!

Sudio Fem – What’s All The Excitement About?

Sudio is excited to announce the launch of their newest true wireless model Fem which combines utility with an immersive sound signature that boosts your listening experience to new heights.

For the benefit of readers who are new to the SUDIO brand, here’s a quick introduction of this Swedish company. Their story is rooted in iconic Swedish music which continues to move music lovers around the world. It’s inspired by clean, elegant Swedish design to spark that moment where you get lost in the music and time stands still.

The name Sudio combines “Swedish” and “Audio” into a seamless name which reflects both their design vision and promise to offer exceptional sound quality to music enthusiasts of every stripe – wayfarers, daydreamers, and storytellers alike. They seek to revolutionize the way that people see headphones, as both a tech device and as an accessory. Currently, the headphones market can offer you one of two things: style or tech. By implementing minimalistic, Scandinavian design, Sudio has created a collection of sleek earphones that are perfect for any lifestyle.

Sudio Fem – What’s New?

Engineered with four microphones that provide ambient noise reduction, calls have never been crisper, clearer, or better sounding. Rain or shine, the Fem earphones promises to provide you with complete wireless freedom. 

Sudio Fem also includes a portable charging case that offers 2 additional charges for up to 20 hours of battery-life. Combined with a graphene driver, individual automatic pairing (IAP), IPX 5 water protection, touch controls, and Type-C quick charging, these earphones are built to keep up with the most demanding of days.

“We are excited to launch our newest completely wireless model called “Fem”, I am proud to say that it is the most innovative and powerful earphone model in our current line-up. It’s been a great year for our company and there’s a positive outlook for the year ahead. We expect exciting things moving forward” says CEO Johan Gawell.

Sudio Fem – 4 Gorgeous Colours To Choose From

Sudio Fem has just been launched officially. You get to choose from four amazing colours: black, white, blue, and pink. We personally preferred Pink.

Sudio Fem – Special CNY Promotions

This festive season, you will get to receive a free special edition CNY gift packaging, a crossbody pouch as well as enjoy a 25% off when you buy any 2 earphones from now to 14 February!

Simply apply this 15% discount code: ASPIRANTSGFEM and get an addition 10% during check out!

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