Sunday Catering Singapore Brings People Together Through Good Food

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What a year. If nothing else, it has reminded us of the power of food to bring comfort and togetherness. Giving us pause to reflect and appreciate the little joys in life. Sunday Catering Singapore believes they have a part to play when it comes to bringing back the simple pleasure of gathering around a table. The joy of sitting down at home with those closest to you to enjoy a lovingly prepared family roast. Or the joy of festive feasting to celebrate good times. Unhurried and real.

Sunday Catering Singapore – Their Passion & Promise

Their food is simply good ingredients cooked well. They take the time to source good ingredients and they don’t hurry the cooking. They choose to cook from scratch as this is what they love doing. They love spending time in the kitchen testing and working out how to bring out the best. They are obsessed with the marriage of science and art that is food and cooking. But it always boils down to good food, cooked well for you and your loved ones.

Sunday Catering Singapore – Sunday Catering Menu

Their standard Sunday Catering Menu consist of the following:

1. Classic Roast Chicken $48

Fresh organic chicken. Brined, stuffed and trussed with a generous rub of herbs and butter. Simple chestnut stuffing. Slow roasted. Accompanied with House Gravy. *1.6kg before cooking. It is a perfect roast for a family of four with sides.

The whole chicken caters to all tastes. Brining, stuffing and trussing together with careful slow roasting means juicy breasts and tender thighs as the bird will cook slowly and evenly. Serve it with roasted potatoes, buttered peas, glazed carrots and of course our house gravy to make for a classic family roast dinner. Or treat the kids with a side of mac and cheese.

2. Kurobuta Pork Belly Porchetta $138

Kurobuta pork belly. Sage, thyme and garlic. Rolled into a porchetta. Meltingly tender meat and crackling golden skin. Accompanied with House Gravy. *2kg before cooking

Pure indulgence. Salty crispy crackling skin. Sweet slow-roasted meat that is meltingly tender as the fat has had time to render. The simple herb and garlic stuffing allow the natural sweetness of the pork to shine through. Kurobuta pork comes from the Berkshire breed of pig known for producing tender, flavourful and juicy meat that is not too fatty. We suggest balancing out this indulgence with mashed potatoes, roasted pumpkin, glazed carrots and our chunky apple sauce. And don’t forget the gravy!

3. Beef Prime Rib (Free Range Prime Rib $345 & Wagyu Prime Rib $465)

Whole bone-in rib of beef. Sea salt. Slowly roasted. No messing about here, simply great meat cooked right. Accompanied with Demi-glace. *3kg before cooking.

Absolutely the king of all roasts. A hunk of richly marbled beef slow-roasted on the bone. Great meat is the start and slow roasting is the key. By slowly roasting at low temperature, the meat gently cooks to your desired doneness and produces a beautifully even doneness throughout the whole roast. The extended roasting time also helps to intensify the beefy flavour and allows for natural tenderising to happen.

The result is blushing pink slices of beef that are tender and rich in flavour. We portion our prime ribs to weigh about three kilograms, making them good for eight hungry people. Classic sides are mashed potatoes, creamed spinach and horseradish cream. But we suggest you go to town with your choice of sides and serve this glorious roast to the people you love most!

4. Whole Roasted Turkey $160

Whole young turkey. Eight to ten pounds, enough for eight to ten with sides. Butter, herbs and stuffing. Slow roasted. Accompanied with House Gravy and Cranberry Sauce.

Turkey can be tricky to roast well. Perfection is a fine line that lies between rawness and dryness. We have been busy testing and tasting turkey after turkey for the past month to make sure we have it just right. We like to brine, stuff and truss our turkeys to help achieve a more even cook. The result is juicy tender white meat and sweet flavoursome dark meat. This really speaks to who we are as Sunday Catering, taking the time to source the right ingredients and doing the testing in the kitchen to find the best way to cook it just right. Simply great ingredients cooked right.

Sunday Catering Singapore – Christmas Special

It’s Christmas time! Nothing says Christmas than having all your loved ones gathered over a table filled with sumptuous food and a spectacular roast in the middle.This Christmas, Sunday Catering has launched their Christmas special, Christmas Leg of ham! Warm and tender, salty and sweet, a Christmas ham is so comforting and makes a spectacular statement on any festive table. We think it is the best choice for a Christmas feast of ten or more people.

The tender slices of lightly salty ham capped with their sticky-sweet glaze are a real crowd-pleaser. To get our hams tender and to take the edge off the saltiness, we slowly simmer them before glazing and roasting. And for our glaze, we make our own marmalade from scratch to get the right balance of citrusy tang and sweetness to compliment the ham. This ham really has Christmas written all over it and, we have to say again, that it is the best thing you can choose for your Christmas feast!

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