SunnyHills Mooncakes 2022 – Fruit-based For Healthy Indulgence

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Get ready to level up with SunnyHills Mooncakes 2022 where modernity melds with tradition this coming Mooncake Festival. Mid-Autumn is a traditional celebration of the Autumn harvest where families gather together over lanterns and mooncakes. This year, celebrations hold a deeper meaning for many as people can reunite once more with those whom they hold dear.

Stepping into Mid-Autumn 2.0, SunnyHills upholds the cherished practices with a modern spin and launches four fruit-based mooncakes so that everyone can enjoy the celebrations sans the guilt from the traditionally calorie-dense treats.

SunnyHills Mooncakes 2022 – 65% Lesser Calories

A SunnyHills mooncake has up to 65% fewer calories than traditional selections. Customers can opt for Taiwan’s No.1 top-selling Pineapple Custard Mooncake (282 cals), made only with non-GM pineapples organically grown and purchased from family farms in Taiwan. The delicate marriage between pineapple and salted egg yolks culminates into a sweet and savoury profile reminiscent of traditional Mid-Autumn flavours.

This year, SunnyHills also launches the all-new Kougyoku Apple Mooncake (263 cals) made from the sweet and sharp ruby red apples sourced from Aomori Ken in Japan. SunnyHill’s secret curing process helps retain the unique ume-flavours without any additional artificial additives, embracing the natural tanginess of the Kougyoku Apples with a rich velvety roasted sweet potato puree, making this a delectable treat for all to enjoy.

Both mooncakes are adorned with finely crafted motifs on the Momoyama Crust. The Pineapple Custard Mooncakes carries the pineapple flower motif, symbolising the prosperous harvest of pineapple blossoms and representing the heartfelt blessings of abundance. The Kougyaku Apple Mooncake bears an intricate emblem of the beautiful apple flower, carrying the blessings of peace and well-being.

With a combination of guilt-free good taste and elegance, friends and families will be delighted to receive and enjoy SunnyHills mooncakes down to the very last bite!

SunnyHills Mooncakes 2022 – Durian Joins SuperFood

Durian is undoubtedly the King of Fruits here in Southeast Asia. As part of SunnyHills World Project, FORBIDDEN has returned with the world’s first-ever SuperFood x Durian Mooncake, powering up the King of Fruits with superfoods açai and coconut.

The all-natural Açaí Snowskin Mao Shan Wang Durian Mooncake features 100% pure durian paste made from fresh Mao Shan Wang durians, harvested from trees over 18 years old in Pahang Malaysia. The creamy centre is enveloped with the purple velvety soft açai snowskin, packed with high antioxidants, fibre and calcium, and an elegant lilac hue from nature’s purple gold.

The Coconut Snowskin D24 Mooncake incorporates tender white coconuts – known for their high nutritious and low gluten properties – into the refreshing light and soft snowskin. It balances the delicate richness of the D24 durians, harvested only from trees over 22 years of age, to create a masterpiece for the most discerning.

FORBIDDEN Superfood X Durian Mooncakes are made in Singapore through high pressure processing to ensure quality food safety FORBIDDEN’s snowskin mooncake lovers.

SunnyHills Mooncakes 2022 – A Commitment to Sustainability

SunnyHills is committed to responsible farming and fair-trade practices, and it is no exception when it comes to environmental sustainability. Elaborate mooncake packaging can be difficult to recycle and harmful to the environment. The SunnyHills and FORDIDDEN gift boxes are testaments to the brand’s honest-to-goodness ethos. Designed to be simple, elegant and minimalistic, they provide a purifying experience in the world of over-stimulation and make for a gracious gift full of blessings for friends and loved ones.

SunnyHills Mooncakes 2022 – Early Bird Specials

The Mooncake 2.0 Prelude has officially commenced for mooncakes enthusiasts to grab a taste before the rest! Comprising of one Pineapple Custard Mooncake and one Kougyuku Apple Mooncake, the preview set is available in limited quantities at only SGD18.

Enjoy early bird promotion starts from now to 27 August 2022. Other specials include:

  • Complimentary durian roll (8pcs) with every $100 spent
  • Free standard local delivery with a minimum $120 spent (not applicable for orders with frozen durian mooncakes
  • Free same day delivery with a minimum $200 spent

SunnyHills Mid-Autumn 2.0 Mooncake Collection is available at SunnyHills Raffles Hotel, SunnyHills Ngee Ann City and via the online store at

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