Taichung, Chiayi & Alishan Itinerary – Taiwan Highland & Cities Adventures

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Taiwan is a beautiful country with lots of natural, cultural and urban attractions. If you have only visited Taipei, we recommend you to venture out to its more historical and cultural cities such as Taichung and Chiayi. Chiayi, in particular, is the gateway city to visit the famed Alishan – a mountain province filled with green slopes, and sacred trees. To help you with your trip planning, we are happy to share the travel details of our 7 Days Taichung, Chiayi & Alishan Itinerary. Have fun adapting the itinerary to best suit your travel preference.

Taichung, Chiayi & Alishan Itinerary – 7 Days Taiwan Highland & Cities Adventures

Day City Time Activity Venue 
Day 1 Singapore 6.55am Check In Flight Scoot TR 996 Changi Terminal 2
8.30pm Flight Departure
Taipei 1.15pm Arrival Taipei Taipei Taoyuan Airport Terminal 1
2.30pm Take HSR To Chiayi / Lunch on board Taipei HSR Station
Chiayi 4.30pm Reach Chaiyi HSR Station Chaiyi HSR Station. Take cab 22 mins to hotel
5.00pm Reach Chiayi King Hotel No. 234, Sinrong Road 600 Chiayi City Taiwan
6.00pm Turkey Rice Spraying of Water Chicken Rice 喷水鸡肉饭. On the way to night market
7.00pm Apo Duck Noodle & Wen’s Sichuan Beef Noodle No.106, Lanjing St., West Dist., Chiayi City 600. Further down from night market
8.00pm Wenhua Road Night Market Walk 550m from hotel
10.00pm Rest Early Chiayi King Hotel
Day 2 Alishan 9.30am Pick up from hotel (TWD1800 Cash) Chiayi King Hotel
11.00am Reach Fenqihu, eat local bento & explore the old town Fenqihu Town
12.00pm Movie Set For Starry Starry Night
1.00pm Drinks & Dessert At Aiyu Uncle’s House
2.00pm Reach 53.1 Homestay (stock up before heading up) 602, Taiwan, Chiayi County, Fanlu Township, 公田村第五鄰隙頂76之8号
3.00pm Trek Up For Sunset 53.1 Trekking Trail
5.30pm Reach Homestay Before Dark 53.1 Homestay
6.00pm Dinner At Minsu or Aborginal Youbasi
9.00pm Chill & rest for the night 53.1 Homestay
Day 3 Alishan 6.30am View Xi Ding Sunrise 200m from 53.1 Homestay
9.00am Take bus up to Alishan Main Area Bus stop from 53.1 Homestay
10.00am Reach Alishan Main Area Alishan Main Area
10.30am Giant Sacred Trees, Giant Trees Clusters, Shoujhen Temple & Sister’s Lake Sacred Tree Station
7.00pm Dinner At Minsu or Aborginal Youbasi 53.1 Homestay
9.00pm Rest for the night
Day 4  Alishan 11.00am Check Out 53.1 Homestay
11.30am Bus to Chiayi HSR Station (TWD1300)
Chiayi 1.30am Train to Taichung / Lunch On Board Chiayi HSR Station
Taichung 2.30am Reach Taichung Taichung HSR Station
3.00pm Check In Hotel Half (18 mins cab ride away) 4F, No. 135, Luchuan West Street, Central District, Taichung City, 400, Taiwan –
綠川西街135號4樓 , 中區, (台中市, 400)
3.30pm Late lunch / Tea At Banana New Paradise No.111, Sec. 2, Shuangshi Rd., North Dist., Taichung City 404, Taiwan (R.O.C.). 6 mins by car
4.30pm Confucius Temple Martyr’s Shrine 2 mins walk from Banana New Paradise
5.00pm Yi Zhong Shopping Street
Must Try: Fong Ran Ice
Yizhong Street, North District, Taichung City, Taiwan 404
8.00pm Smile Night Market (3 mins from Banana New Paradise) Shuangshi Rd and Yule St intersection, North Dist., Taichung City, Taiwan 404
9.00pm Rest back at hotel Hotel Half
Day 5 Taichung 8.30am Wake Up Hotel Half
9.00am Breakfast & shopping Taichung 2nd Market
Must try: Dingshan Rou Yuan, Wang Carrot Cake & Fuzhou Noodles
No. 87, Sec. 2, Sanming Rd., Central Dist, Taichung, Taiwan (8 mins away from hotel)
11.30am Animation Lane (15mins walk away) Lane 100, Linsen Road, West District, Taichung City, Taiwan 403
12.30pm Chun Shui Tang for Bubble Tea 403, Taiwan, Taichung City, West District, Gongyi Road, 68號
1.00pm Taichung Civic Square & Calligraphy Greenway Xiangshang North Road, West District, Taichung City, Taiwan 403
2.30pm I’m Talato Ice-cream & Camwhoring (Reservations made) No. 451, Yingcai Road, West District, Taichung City, Taiwan 403.
4.00pm Cab to Gaomei Wetlands Calligraphy Greenway
5.00pm Gaomei Wetlands Gaomei Wetlands, Meidi Street, Qingshui District, Taichung City, Taiwan 436
7.00pm Bagua Kiln Restaurant No.539, Sec. 3, Wuquan W. Rd., Nantun Dist., Taichung City 408, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
9.00pm Mitaka 3e Café No.731, Dongjin E. Rd., Shalu Dist., Taichung City 433, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
10.30pm Rest back at hotel Hotel Half
Day 6 Taichung 8.30am Wake Up Hotel Half
9.00am Breakfast only Taichung 2nd Market No. 87, Sec. 2, Sanming Rd., Central Dist, Taichung, Taiwan (8 mins away from hotel)
10.00am Taichung Suncake Museum DIY Session No. 25, Section 2, Ziyou Road, Central District, Taichung City, Taiwan 400
11.00am Bath & final packing Hotel Half
12.00pm Check out
12.30pm Lunch At Wu Wei Tsao Tang Tea House No. 106, Section 2, Gongyi Road, Nantun District, Taichung City, Taiwan 408
2.00pm Fantasy Story 13 Meicun Road Section 1 Lane 117
4.00pm Tea Break At Sweet Woods 136 Xiangshang North Road (5 mins walk away)
5.00pm CMP Block Museum of Arts No. 71, Guanqian Road, West District, Taichung City, Taiwan 404
7.00pm Dinner & Dessert Miyahara Eye Hospital
9.00pm Take luggage & leave for HSR Hotel Half
9.51pm Take 1570 HSR to Taoyuan (10.34pm) Taoyuan HSR Station
11.25pm Check In Flight Scoot TR 897 Taipei Taoyuan Airport Terminal 1
Day 7 Taipei 1.25am Flight Departure Taipei Taoyuan Airport Terminal 1
Singapore 6.15am Arrival Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 2


Taiwan Highland & Cities Adventures – Planning Tips

To avoid the crowds at Alishan, we recommend that you stay at one of the minsu that is located midway up the mountain range. The minsu – 53.1 Homestay we crashed at was really beautiful and we even saw a sea of cloud in the early morning. Use it as a base to explore Alishan. We were initially unsure if we should visit Gaomei Wetlands as it was pretty out of the way. But we were glad we did, it actually became one of our trip’s highlights. Have fun in Taichung, Chiayi and Alishan, do share your experience with us in the comments section below too!

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