Celebrate With Taipei 101 New Year’s Eve Fireworks Taiwan

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Celebrating New Year’s Eve is one of the most important events at the end of a year. This year, the Department of Information and Tourism of Taipei City Government (DOIT) proudly recommends travellers to experience all the fascinating New Year’s Eve activities in Taipei, especially that in Taipei 101. To celebrate New Year’s Eve, Taipei 101 New Year’s Eve Fireworks is the best choice in Asia. Taiwan Welcome tourists from all over the world!

Taipei 101 is a world-renowned landmark for celebrating New Year’s Eve. In addition to the firework show, there is a concert that features a list of famous superstars, and that’s the reason why Taipei is one of the great choices for Asian travellers. The 2019 Taipei New Year’s Eve Countdown Party boasts electronic music, eSports, E-commerce, and electric frequency, presenting a must-see New Year’s Eve event for everyone at least once in a lifetime. Moreover, the event exclusively invites EXID, a K-POP idol group to perform and welcome tourists all over the world to visit Taipei.

2019 is the 15th year the Taipei 101 New Year Firework show is held. The show last year which lasted for 6 minutes was the longest in the history and highlighted LED light net and animation. The New Year Firework show this year will definitely be more entertaining than ever before.

Taipei 101 New Year Firework is a must-see once-in-a-lifetime experience for everyone. Apart from the event, there are also travel itineraries which invite all tourists to enjoy all the fun in Taipei. Tourists can take Mickey Mouse MRT trains, a result of collaboration between the Department of Information and Tourism of Taipei City Government (DOIT) and Taiwan Walt Disney Company. Tourists can wander through cultural attractions like Dihua Street Heritage Architecture and Yangmingshan, take Taipei sightseeing bus to enjoy the view from different angles, visit Ximending, and go to Xinyi District to experience the atmosphere of Christmas and New Year.

After the countdown on New Year’s Eve, the Lunar New Year is around the corner. Su-Yu Chen, the Commissioner of DOIT highly recommends you to visit Dihua Lunar New Year Shopping Area and feel the vibes of the local lifestyle during the Lunar New Year. The Lantern Festival that comes after the Lunar New Year is also worth visiting. A massive Lantern Festival will be hosted at the Taipei City Wall – North Gate. Su-Yu Chen stated, “Visiting Taipei Lantern Festival can be a healing experience.”

Apart from New Year’s Eve events, Su-Yu Chen also recommends you to tour around the Yangmingshan Flower Festival to take photos and check in with Oriental Cherry, Yaezakura, Keio-Zakura, Yoshino Cherry in spring. In summer, you can join the Taipei River Side Festival, and walk hand in hand with their lovers, accompanied by pleasing music. In Fall, you can go to hot springs in Beitou.

And moreover, Taipei will become a huge art gallery in the first Saturday night in October 2019, welcoming you to experience Nuit Blanche Taipei that takes place with Nuit Blanche of Paris in the meantime. There are varieties of events in Taipei that bring Asian tourists to feel the passion of Taiwan.

According to DOIT, “In Taipei, there are different things to enjoy in different seasons. Every package tour can be completed with the comprehensively dense and convenient MRT system. Tourists don’t have to worry about long journeys, and this is one of the greatest advantages of Taipei.”

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