12 Adventurous Things To Do In Thamel, Kathmandu

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“If you want to refresh your mind and flee stress & demons, visit Thamel’s mountains.”

Thamel is a must visit place in Kathmandu and is also known as the hottest spot for visitors. It is equipped with a number of pilgrimage shrines, vendors, shops, cafes, restaurants, hotels, bookshops, etc., attracting people and leaving a long lasting impression. 

Its exceptional facilities, cultural, historical, & religious significance, and normal transports such as; taxi, bicycles, rickshaws, etc. make it popular among others. So, if you are planning to visit this place, check out the below points, helping you use your precious time efficiently and making your visit adventurous. Let’s indulge in it!

Exceptional Things to Do in Thamel, Nepal

So, what things to do in Thamel Nepal? You must do the following things to make your visit worthwhile:

1. Shopping

Thamel is a shopper’s paradise. It is loaded with street vendors, souvenir centers, and shops, offering beautiful jewelry, statues, singing bowls, mountaineering gears, handmade items, paintings, architecture, art items, stuffed toys, masks, puppets, and much more. It is a compelling and joyous place, offering you an indulgent experience.

2. Walk in the Night

Thamel is a 24/7 lively space and is a perfect place for music lovers. Various cafes and restaurants play rock, jazz, heavy metalheads, Nepali music, or other types of music at night.  It lets you enjoy nightlife with full zest, helping you forget all your worries and indulge in the mesmerizing beauty of Kathmandu. 

Consult local and recommended company Mosaic Adventure or your desired tour company and visit this place now!

3. Explore Mountain Hub

Thamel is a pre-base camp for mountaineers, boasting various foreign exchange booths, mountaineering gear shops, travel agents, and guesthouses. 

4. Visit Lazy Lanes

The lazy lanes in Thamel are vehicle free, giving you peace and pleasure. These narrow lanes decrease the vehicle clutter and chaos, allowing you to walk and spend quality time with your loved ones. 

5. Eat Delectable Food

Thamel is a hub for multi-cuisine and offers various ranges of delectable food such as Daal, vegetables, pickles, Bhat, Gundruk, Dhindo, and many more, helping you find anything according to your liking. Thamel serves Japanese, Chinese, Italian, French, Indian, Mexican, Nepali, halal food, etc., offering you a delectable and unforgettable experience. Its cozy coffee shops let you read a book, spend quality time with yourself, or do your work while sipping your favorite coffee cup/cocktail.

6. Enjoy Clubbing and Bar Hopping

The bars, pubs, clubs, and restaurants in Thamel always give you an indication of festivals. Whether you love noise or peace, they have got you covered. The bars with dim light give you a cozy and relaxing sensation, making your day well spent. The clubs remain open till late night (especially on weekends) and allow you to dance, enjoy drinks, listen to music, and chill. Don’t miss clubs like 10X, LOD etc. 

7. Visit Garden of Dreams

Thamle has a neoclassical historical garden which was created by Field Marshal Kaiser Sumsher Rana in 1920. This garden of dreams remains one of the most beautiful enclaves in Kathmandu, savoring the serenity and containing ponds, pavilions, pergolas, decorative  furniture, birdhouses, and fountains. Spend your free time here and make your life pleasant.

8. Watch Movies at Multiplex

The newly constructed Chaya complex offers world-class multiplex theater, fulfilling your movie connoisseur. If you spend your day here while watching your favorite movie, your life will become refreshing and relaxing. 

9. Play Indoor Games

The “Indoor Sports Arena” in Thamel lets you enjoy your full day with full swing by playing  Archery, wall climbing, play station, and Fuss ball. For adventurous activities, visit Outdoor Adventure Center such as Astrek Climbing wall. These centers will give you a truly enjoyable experience. 

10. Visit Bibliophile Heaven

Thamel also quenches the thirst of book lovers as it has numerous book stores such as Pilgrim book house, Paradise book seller, Tibet book store, Himalayan map house, etc. You can buy your favorite food and make your soul happy.

11. Spa/Natural Therapy

Thamel contains numerous massage spas and parlors, providing Jacuzzi, Sauna, and different types of massages (such as Thai, tissue, Ayurvedic and others) for your fatigued body. Most travelers go to these spa centers after completing their trek, making them free from stress and tiredness. The best spa centers in Thamel include:

  • Ananda spa & natural therapy center
  • Mandala studio yoga & spa
  • Seeing Hands Clinic
  • Mount Heaven Spa
  • The zen spa & healing center
  • Kathmandu spa Pvt Ltd
  • Kathmandu spa, Thamel, etc. 
  • Mona herbal massage

12. Ride a Rickshaw

You can easily explore its local culture and cuisine on the rickshaw ride tour via a friendly guide. In this way, you can explore the busy streets of the Ason and Thamel area and indulge in shopping. Without a rickshaw tour, you can not explore Thamel properly.

The Summary

Thamel is a relaxing place and you must visit it at least once in your life. Its busy alleys, numerous shops, different food varieties, book stores, restaurants, and bars reflect Nepalese lifestyle and make your life refreshing and stress-free. Thamel offers various services and facilities, fulfilling the needs and desires of every visitor. 

Visit this place now and I assure you that you will fall in love with this zone! 

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