5 Things To Do In Laos

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While Laos may not be a popular tourist destination compared to its neighbouring countries such as Vietnam and Thailand, it’s a beautiful and exciting country to add to your travel list. Its beauty lies in its nature with breathtaking karst and limestone mountains, lush jungles, hidden caves, and more. This country has good food and adventure activities such as kayaking, climbing, biking, and trekking. Laos is known for its relatively unspoiled beautiful temples, scenery, epic caves, and more. This article outlines five things to do in Laos. 

1. Visit the Traditional Arts and Ethnology Center

If you’re fascinated by the ethnic minority classes that constitute Laos’ population, then the Traditional Arts and Ethnology Center is the place to visit for an educational experience. Laos has over 160 ethnic groups. However, the museum concentrates on the four primary ethnic minorities.

Here, you’ll see traditional ethnic collections of handmade crafts, artifacts, and regalia vital for these groups. There are guides available to give you a tour of the Traditional Arts and Ethnology Center. If the guide speaks Hmong, you can get a Hmong Translator to interpret everything the guide says, ensuring an excellent experience.

2. Explore the Kong Lor Caves

The Kong Lor Caves are tucked in central Laos’ Phou Hin Boun National Protected Area, a river cave system stretching over 7.4 kilometers. With the help of a guide to show you the beautiful ecological formations, you can take a boat ride across the caves. Upon making your way via the winding cave waters, you can walk through Kong Lor’s tiny rural village and enjoy other activities in the park. Since the Kong Lor Caves are almost five hours from Vientiane, you can stay there, organize an overnight trip, and hire a bus for the day.

3. Go to the Elephant Village Sanctuary

The Elephant Village Sanctuary is an educational facility in Luang Prabang devoted to protecting and rehabilitating Laos’ Asian elephants. The sanctuary offers employment to the villagers. The elephants here are from rescue missions. A day’s tour in the Elephant Village Sanctuary allows you to mingle with the big animals. You can enjoy an experience tailored to enable you to ride while learning how to bathe and care for the elephants.

4. Enjoy a Vientiane city tour

Considering the large number of ethnicities constituting the Laos population, touring Vientiane’s capital city is an excellent way to understand the country’s culture and history. A sightseeing tour of the city can get you to the city’s core tourist attractions, such as Wat Si Saket, Patuxay Monument, Buddha Park, and Phra Keo. You can also stop at Vientiane’s COPE Visitor Center to learn about the crucial work of offering prosthetic limbs and disability services for those affected by bombings. The Vientiane night market is an exciting excursion you can’t afford to miss.

5. Trek in the Luang Namtha

Stroll deep into the jungle’s heart and discover the Luang Namtha’s natural beauty. Found in the Northeastern part of Laos, Luang Namtha is famous for its lush valleys, flowing rivers, and dense forests. If you want an adventure, multi-day treks are the best way to enjoy the landscape. There are various trekking and trail companies you can pick from. When trekking in the Luang Namtha, you may camp outdoors or explore the minority villages.


Laos is an exotic Southeast Asian destination to explore. Consider incorporating these things in your next Laos holiday.

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