Tomahawk Contemporary Steakhouse Wagyu Steaks & Premium Cuts

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Tomahawk Contemporary Steakhouse aims to set tongues wagging and mouths watering with its wagyu Tomahawk steaks and a curated range of prime steak cuts. Previously known as O’maj, the steakhouse prides itself in providing a premium yet approachable experience that bids a warm welcome to everyone. Here, the focus is on the food and all pretences are left at the door – while still staying true to its principles of providing top-notch service, tailored recommendations, good food and quality cuts.

Tomahawk Contemporary Steakhouse – Fortune Favours The Bold

John Chan, Chef / Owner, is enthusiastic about this new era for Tomahawk as he leads with a fervent acclamation that “Fortune favours the bold”. “While we face extraordinary times in the volatile F&B industry, there is no better cure than providing a fresh perspective on how a dining experience should be. Tomahawk pushes the boundaries on what a truly superior piece of steak should taste like, and we aim to provide genuine value and service with ‘Big flavours, zero pretences’”.  

Tomahawk Contemporary Steakhouse – The Preparation Process

The best is brought out of every steak through choice cuts and preparation techniques borne out of many hours of painstaking invention and experience. Flavours are masterfully melded, drawing inspiration from diverse Asian influences. It is a feast for the five senses – savoury, bitter, sweet, sour and umami.

John is especially adept at infusing spices and Asian ingredients to hone every nuance and to develop every aspect of a cut’s character. Smoking, brining, curing, and ageing – all done in-house – is skillfully exercised to serve the most balanced, succulent steaks.

A natural highlight of the steakhouse is the wet-cured, bone-in Wagyu Tomahawk Ribeye Steak (MB 6/7, $20/100gr) – a flavourful cut intended for sharing. The Australian Sanchoku wagyu is grain-fed for 350 days and wet-cured in-house to intensify the flavour. Wet curing is a process that takes anywhere from several days to a fortnight, but the results are well worth the effort. Compared with the more familiar dry-ageing method, steaks that are wet-cured taste fresher and are much juicier as the moisture in the meats is preserved, they are also heartier, robust, and very tender.

The wet-curing process allows enzymes in the trapped juices to break down collagen between muscle fibres, increasing tenderness. Unlike with dry-ageing, there is no moisture loss, resulting in less concentration but making the meat more succulent and juicy. Cut into hearty bite-sized servings, each lovingly hewn chunk is perfected further by torching the sinews, making it easier to eat and enhancing the taste experience. With each mouthful bursting with an intense, complex flavour in every bite, these steaks will be part of a meal worth savouring.

Tomahawk Contemporary Steakhouse – What’s On The Menu

Chef John’s dedication to perfection cuts across the menu in equal measures. The Lamb Empanada with Butter Puff Pastry ($12) are little pockets full of tender lamb shank in a robust green curry, made with 18 different ingredients and served with a refreshing mint yogurt to balance the spice. The attention to the most minute details of cooking is an assiduous labour of love that extends to the preparation of stock reductions for dishes such as the Squid Ink Lobster Stock Risotto ($47), oyster stock for the Roasted Octopus Leg ($40) or the prawn stock for the Iberico Pork Loin Ribs($12/100gr).

Other menu features include the Australian Sanchoku Wagyu Porterhouse Steak ($19.50/100gr), served with either a savoury brown or truffle black sesame sauce. The Rhug Estate Welsh Beef (300g, $115) is a 35 Day aged organic Ribeye produced from the Aberdeen Angus herd crossed with Stabiliser bulls to create a fat covering that aids the dry-ageing process. For something different, the Rustic Pork Chop ($30) is made from Australian Borrowdale certified free-range pork, while the Squid Ink Lobster Stock Risotto with Tiger Prawns & Japanese Scallops ($47) infuses a pressure-cooked reduction made from 10kg of the choicest lobster heads.

The Red Grouper with Garlic Veloute, Squid Ink Mash & Flying Fish Roe ($35) is available for those who prefer a lighter alternative. There is also a range of sides such as Kombu Tiger Prawns ($30, 6pcs), US Asparagus with Dijon Mustard Cream Dressing & Seasoned Pancetta ($15) and the Onion Tart ($18)to serve as perfect complements to a hearty meal.

The homemade zesty limoncello is a must-try and serves either as an aperitif or digestif. Each serving is the result of a full month of curing and 2 weeks of carefully infusing choice lemon peels with vodka. Pleasantly smooth, sweet, tart, and tasty – a little taste of sunshine in a glass!

Tomahawk Contemporary Steakhouse – Make Your Reservation

Tomahawk Contemporary Steakhouse is at the tranquil city-fringe neighbourhood of Novena, away from the hustle and bustle of the business district, but close enough for convenient visits. The decor pays homage to famous American steakhouses, with deep brown burnished leather upholstery and button tufting. Warm and elegant, distinguished yet unpretentious, this is an establishment suitable for any occasion. A family and pet-friendly establishment, this is the perfect place for a relaxing meal after a workday or over the weekend.

Address: 273 Thomson Road, #01-06 Novena Gardens Singapore 307644 | Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday, 12pm – 3pm (Last order at 2.30pm) & 6pm – 10pm (Last order at 9.30pm) | Website: | Facebook: SG.Tomahawk | Instagram: sg.tomahawk

With exceptional service, attention to detail and food which speaks for itself, each dining experience at Tomahawk will always feel personal. Be it formal business gatherings, an intimate night out, private family gatherings or boisterous celebrations, Tomahawk’s focus is on good food shared with family and friends in a place that’s warm, welcoming, and unique in both its spirit and soul.

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