Appoint A Professional To Obtain Your UK Passport

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Nowadays people stay tied up with a lot of things that goes on in their day-to-day lives thus processing any kind of documenting work like passports and visas become a real hassle. For some people, it is really time consuming and stressful. As a reason, they opt not to travel. This is a prime reason why a growing number of agencies and companies are offering services for passport processing. These agencies promise to make things easier for those who avail their services. That’s why you should always appoint a professional to obtain your UK passport.

Go for a professional

Taking the help of professional agencies like British Connections proves to be highly advantageous as they have experienced employees who have been working within the system for years and are fully aware of the procedures involved in submitting any application. They can help you to identify at an early stage if any additional documents would be required. This helps you in saving time and makes the process much faster, hassle-free and efficient. To get an appointment for application of your British Passport login to their official website.

Some extra services they provide are:

  • Next day delivery service– There are certain urgent cases where there is hardly any time and you need to apply for a passport right way, for such exceptional cases British Connections has introduced the concept of next day delivery service.
  • Passport collection service – Most of the people are working and not available at home to receive the passport that comes through courier. So, British Connections offers a free of cost service by getting it delivered at their office from where you can conveniently collect it anytime.
  • Consultation – British Connections has the facility of one to one consultation service with their professionals who are directly trained by the UK government. This is a big advantage.

Why avail the service of a passport processing agency

There are several advantages of hiring a professional passport processing service like:

  • Processing time is short
  • You get to enjoy reliable services
  • Saves not only money but time and effort too
  • Round the clock online support
  • You can keep away your worries

Different types of passport application

  • Renewal –A passport can be renewed if it has expired in the last 10 years, issued in your current name and is undamaged.
  • First passport –This is applicable when you are applying for British Nationality for the first time.
  • Name change –This is applicable when your name has been changed through marriage, deed poll or court.  Here, you need to produce evidence in support of your application.
  • Lost or stolen –In this case along with an additional form you also need to produce a missing report from your local police station.
  • Second passport –This is an advantage for the frequent travellers. They can hold two valid passports at a time and use one passport while the other is used for obtaining a visa.
  • Old Blue Book passport –When you are renewing your old blue book passport, it is generally treated as a first time application.
  • Renewing BNO passport –This is a special type that applies only to people who were born in Hong Kong or who have a connection with Hong Kong. The procedure is the same as applying for a British Passport, but you require additional documents.

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