Best Vietnam Hotel Booking Site That Accepts Crypto

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Are you a crypto holder looking to book your hotel in Vietnam using crypto? is the number one blockchain-based travel booking site globally, which aims to connect thousands of travellers with incredible venues to stay, including hotels, luxury resorts, villas, and apartments. was founded in 2017 by seasoned fintech, blockchain, and travel industry experts. Their goal was to bring innovation, transparent pricing, enhanced security, authentic truth, and efficient stakeholder interaction to the travel industry.

Their vision is to line up the travel industry with decentralized technology ethos to promote accessibility to everyone in all locations, build open-source technology governed by users and controlled by software, and provide peer-to-peer transactions. currently has over 2,200,000 properties in 90,124 destinations and 230 territories and countries. Their booking prices are 40% cheaper than other conventional travel booking platforms regardless of where you want to go.

If you book a place or activity in Vietnam and find lower prices on another platform, you can ask for a refund of the excess money up to 24 hours before your check-in or start the activity. They will repay you the amount in the form of travel credits to your platform wallet.

However, you must ensure that the competitor offers the same place or activity with the same check-in, check-out dates, and durations. The competitor must also have the same conditions and cancellation policies, and the offer must be available for the public.

When you book using, you can pay using traditional payment options or cryptocurrency. However, they have tokenized incentives, mainly when using AVA, their proprietary cryptocurrency.

As their proprietary cryptocurrency, they allow you to use AVA to make payments, redeem loyalty rewards, receive refunds, and you can also use it as a store of value.

What Is AVA

Founded in 2017 as the exclusive token for, it is a multi-chain token based in the Ethereum and other coins on the market. Its current price is $1.64 and has a market cap of $85,438,205.

You can use AVA to book 3,000,000+ travel products, including homes, hotels, activities, and flights. With accommodation in 230+ countries, over 600 airlines, and over 400,000 activities, there are many options for you when booking with AVA.

An exclusive integration awards you a 3% discount on all travel bookings you make using AVA plus a 2% giveback.

You can also sign up for the special program for added benefits like:

  • Smart discounts of up to 13% on travel bookings.
  • Smart loyalty, credited directly to your wallet in AVA once your visit is over.
  • Access to proof of travel NFT program, which allows you to claim badges, stamps, and more.
  • Voting rights awarded based on Smart tier, allowing you to vote on how they should spend resources in the community pool.
  • Exclusive access to events in the metaverse and real world.

If you use and invite other people, you and the person you refer will get $25 worth of AVA rewards if the person completes a booking or $200 and above. There is also no limit to how many people you can invite, and the rewards remain the same for every booking over $200.

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