Amee Philips Opens Its First Overseas Boutique In Singapore

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Famed jewellery house Amee Philips is proud to announce the opening of its inaugural boutique overseas in Singapore. Since its founder Amee first discovered the jewellery and gemstone town of Idar-Oberstein in Germany renowned for its rich natural gemstone deposits and gem-cutting techniques, it has made its mark in its homeland of Penang.

Two decades on, with the brand’s resounding success in Penang and Kuala Lumpur, the house of Amee Philips is now run by two generations. The daughter of Amee, Gina Philips, will be at the helm in the Singapore boutique, which will launch at The Fullerton Hotel in May 2024. As the brand remains steadfast in its quest for the world’s rarest and most extraordinary gemstones to be set in its High Jewellery designs, it will also offer its iconic Everyday Luxury through versatile, contemporary collections that are both chic and bold.

A Curated Collection of the World’s Finest Gems

Amee Philips’ atelier is backed by a team of artisans led by Founder Amee and her son, Richard Philips, an FGA certified gemmologist. Both of them handpick every gemstone they use, curating a collection with expert cuts that bring out the utmost clarity. This has cemented the brand’s legacy and status as a premier destination for fine jewellery enthusiasts and coloured gemstone collectors from around the world.

This new boutique showcases the world’s most sought-after gems, from the mystical Brazilian Alexandrite to the electric and rare Brazilian Paraíba Tourmaline, as well as investment-worthy grades of Colombian Emeralds, Burmese Rubies, and Sri Lankan Sapphires, among others.

The Brazilian Alexandrite is one of Amee Philips’ crowning jewels. Often described as “Emerald by day, Ruby by night”, the Alexandrite mesmerises with its dramatic colour transformation, shifting from a lush green by day to a rich red by night. This distinctive attribute, paired with its scarcity, has garnered the admiration of gem lovers and collectors, positioning it as a hallmark of sophistication.

Designs That Inspire Wearers

“Without you they shine, with you they come to life.”

With this motto above, every Amee Philips jewellery is carefully thought out for the piece to resonate: how its name and design can forge an emotional connection with its wearers.

Each collection at Amee Philips aims to empower the wearer. ‘Freedom’ is what the signature interchangeable AMEE collection and the latest Rebel collection enable and inspire. The House crafts exquisite jewellery with the belief that the true beauty of an Amee Philips creation lies in how it comes alive when complemented by the wearer’s style.

A brand highlight was its 2011 collaboration with fashion designer Zang Toi for New York Fashion Week, underlining the brand’s global appeal.

In 2013, the brand’s designs were showcased in the Rolls Royce Enthusiasts’ Club Luxury Handbook in London, further establishing Amee Philips as a symbol of beauty, sophistication and elegance in the jewellery world.

The boutique also offers bespoke service for custom designs. From personalised engagement rings to unique statement jewellery, each creation will be crafted to reflect the wearer’s style and individuality.

The Innovative V-Clip that introduced Versatility and Won International Acclaim

The hallmark of Amee Philips’ jewellery lies in the technical and design intelligence behind many of its iconic pieces.

Among the brand’s noteworthy achievements is its convertible, multi-way jewellery that were first introduced two decades ago. The patented, award-winning V-Clip is a pioneering innovation in 2005, offering versatility in jewellery. This innovation garnered international recognition.

It also launched the AMEE Collection, an ingenious line of interchangeable jewellery. It allowed for pieces to be transformed from elegant pendants to stunning earrings, empowering them with the freedom to create combinations that align with their unique style and different occasions.

Another example is the long Ocean’s Secret pearl necklace that can be worn in 13 ways, providing jewellery lovers with seamless style transitions with a single string of exquisite pearls.

Amee, Founder & CEO, explains, “Our jewellery is designed to be as multifaceted as the individuals who wear them. With our innovative convertible designs and diverse range of collections, they get to create their own style, and have fun experimenting with each convertible Amee Philips creation.”

A Family Legacy

The opening of the new boutique heralds not just the introduction of the Amee Philips brand to Singapore, but also of how two generations of visions and craftsmanship complement.

Gina, who infuses the brand with her fresh perspective, vibrant energy, sense of style and digital expertise, shares, “Our family ethics are woven into the craft of the brand, while each of us is like a different gem that adds a unique colour to all that we offer. This allows us to combine traditional techniques with modern innovations and looks, so that we can continue to create pieces that are timeless yet contemporary.”

“Singapore’s vibrant culture and discerning clientele present an exciting opportunity for us,” Drew says. “We look forward to sharing our passion for fine jewellery, and invite everyone to discover the unique beauty of Amee Philips collections at our new boutique.”

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