Who Are Suitable Candidates For Breast Reduction

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When you hear women talking about their breasts, size does matter. Many wish they could have more volume than they already do. They long to have fuller breasts that are really noticeable. Others are dealing with the problem of sagging as they get older. Weight loss, extreme fitness, and the changes brought on by childbirth can cause the breasts to droop and lose their shape. There is one other type of cosmetic procedure to address an issue with the breasts that may surprise you being more common than you think. It’s a breast reduction and it is designed to reduce the size of a woman’s breasts. This procedure, while cosmetic, can often be considered medically necessary as well if it is causing other health issues, such as chronic back pain. A breast reduction removes excess fat and breast tissue to trim the breasts down to a more manageable size.

Who is a Candidate for a Breast Reduction?

Many women simply are not happy with excessively large breasts. They want a more petite bust that may be in better proportion to the rest of their figure. For others, a breast reduction is preferred after weight gain has altered the shape and size of their breasts. The breasts can also become considerably larger during menopause, even though a woman does not change her lifestyle in any way. This increase in size can make a woman feel self-conscious about her appearance.

One of the leading factors that cause many women to choose a breast reduction is a pain. When excessively large breasts place so much strain on a woman’s body that the end result is back pain that won’t go away, a breast reduction can provide significant relief. The burden of carrying excess weight on a woman’s chest can lead to neck and shoulder pain as well. If you are dealing with pain that is caused by your large breasts, a breast reduction can have a major impact on your life. Visits to the chiropractor, supportive bras, massage therapy, exercise, and weight loss may not make any difference when the size of your breasts is the source of your problem.

What Can a Breast Reduction Do for You?

Once you have a breast reduction, you will notice a considerable difference in the amount of strain on your back. You won’t feel that weight tugging on your shoulders and neck anymore. You will be able to stand up straight, improving your posture. A breast reduction can also give you an improved self-image when you feel like your breasts have a more balanced appearance when compared to the rest of your body. You will feel like you are trimming your figure down to size when you reduce the size of your breasts.

You may even feel like you have more freedom to do what you would like. Your excessively large breasts won’t be getting in your way anymore when you try a new fitness routine. You won’t need to buy shirts that are larger to accommodate the size of your bust. Your clothing will fit you better and you can take the attention away from your chest. If you are like most women who decide to get a breast reduction, the relief that you will feel that pain in your back goes away is the best part of all.

What Happens During Breast Reduction Surgery?

During a breast reduction, your plastic surgeon will make incisions in your breasts in order to remove excess breast tissue. Deposits of fat can be removed as well. Once the procedure is over, the incision will be closed. It will be time for the recovery phase. Once you are cleared to leave, expect to wear a special bra that will give you extra support. A compression bandage may be used as well. The main goal is to keep the swelling down and ease your discomfort. You will need to be careful and avoid excess movement that could cause an injury to your healing breasts. Keeping your incisions clean is extremely important in order to minimize your risk of having an infection. As your swelling goes down and discomfort fades, you will be able to enjoy your trimmed down bust.

Some Considerations Before Having a Breast Reduction

If you plan on losing a considerable amount of weight, your surgeon may advise you to wait to have surgery in order to see what the final outcome is of your weight loss efforts. If you are pregnant or plan on having a baby soon, you should wait to have plastic surgery of any kind. If you choose to have surgery, you are going to need to take time off from work while you heal. If you have a job that requires light duties, you may be able to return in as little as two weeks. However, it will be at least a month or more if your job requires more activity and lifting. A breast reduction can change your life in positive ways, but you need to be sure that this is what you want before you make any final decisions. Take your time learning about your procedure and looking at photo galleries of others who have chosen breast reduction. Make sure that this is the right procedure for you.

Seek Advice About a Breast Reduction from an Expert at Premier Image Cosmetic and Laser Surgery

If you are looking for plastic surgeon specializing in breast reduction, you need a professional to be your guide. Reach out to a plastic surgeon whose goal is to establish a trusting relationship with his patients allowing for better communication and better results. Dr. Louis M. DeJoseph, MD can lead the way when it comes to reassuring you about any type of procedure. You will have a comprehensive evaluation that includes your health history, your current health, your goals for your body, and an examination of your breasts. Once Dr. DeJoseph knows what he is working with, it will be possible to determine if a breast reduction is a wise choice for you. To learn more, visit the website at www.picosmeticsurgery.com.

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