How Learning A New Language Transforms Your Travel Experience

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Scientific studies have proved that learning a new language is highly beneficial to the brain and your overall mental health. For one, it allows your brain to make entirely new connections – which means that your brain will be healthier for longer and that your overall mental capacity and capability will be improved as you learn. And learning a new language can be a lot of fun, too! It can also transform your travel. Here’s how learning a new language can change your travel experience into something even more incredible.

You’ll Meet New People

People respond to you better when you’re able to speak to them in their own language; they might accept you as a visiting local rather than just a tourist passing through, and through being able to speak another language, it’ll be much easier to communicate with people and get to know them better. Learning a new language can transform your entire travel experience because you get to know local people on a more personal level – all with a little bit of effort.

Your Travel Gets Colour

Your entire travelling experience will change if you’re able to experience a country in its native language: Suddenly you can pick up a local newspaper and find out what’s happening daily in the town you’re in, or you can switch on the radio and listen to the same radio stations that the locals do. You can sit down at a restaurant and understand what the couple next to you is saying. You can even pick up some local books in the chosen language. If you’re in Spain, the fastest way to learn Spanish is through total immersion. The same is true for France or any other country you can possibly think of.

You’ll Experience Local Food

Wouldn’t you love to go to France and take a look at a fancy, local restaurant menu – and then be able to order your entire course in French? Learning a new language gives you a chance to experience local food on a whole new level. Speak someone’s language, and they’re bound to take you to some great local eating spots – whereas they otherwise might have just sent you off to where the tourists go to party.

Local Customs Are Easier

With learning a language, you’ll also surely learn a lot about a culture at the same time. And you’ll notice that local customs become a lot easier to understand and integrate into once you speak the language: It makes more sense, you don’t have to ask everyone to translate what’s going on around you the whole time, and the locals will be more accepting of letting you be part of the local happenings if you’re able to speak the language. 

Fewer Misunderstandings

Have you ever been stuck in a foreign country with no idea where you were headed? Then you’ll understand just how terrifying it can be if you can’t ask anybody for directions because you don’t understand the language. Or, ordering something on the menu and getting something completely different than what you expected. Misunderstandings happen, and they’ll be much more likely to happen if you have the language barrier to deal with.

Getting Less Lost

When you have fewer misunderstandings, you’ll get lost a lot less – mainly because you’re able to ask people directions in their own language and understand the directions they’re giving in return, and you can read street signs without experiencing anything lost in translation. Don’t let getting lost take up your travel experience: A little bit of language goes a long way, especially when you’re in a foreign country.

Not only does knowing the local language make it easier to navigate new places, but it also allows for a deeper connection to the local culture. If you’re planning on traveling abroad, consider investing in language training to make the most out of your experience. With language training, you’ll be able to communicate more effectively and fully immerse yourself in the local way of life. Don’t let language barriers hold you back – take the initiative to learn the language and enhance your travels.

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