Herald in the auspicious Year of the Ox with the convivial and heart-warming spirit of the Spring Festival as Full of Luck Restaurant CNY 2021 menu unveils varied celebratory options of classic Cantonese cuisine presented in playful creations for cherished reunions and feastings. Sit back and enjoy the joys of the season with sumptuous takeaway treasures to gift loved ones or enjoy in the comfort of homes.

Full of Luck Restaurant CNY 2021 – Reunion Feasts Where Traditional Meets Modernity

Available from 1 February to 28 February 2021, delectable Chinese New Year sets are carefully curated to accompany joyful reunions. Each dish is skillfully prepared true to tradition with a modern flair. Celebrate new beginnings and strengthen family togetherness over dishes masterfully created with many eye-catching designs bound to impress everyone.

Toss to a year of good fortune and luck with Prosperity Lo Hei with Smoked Salmon and Yuzu, a cartoon-inspired yusheng meticulously decorated to welcome the Year of the Ox. Well-received and sure to bring a smile to faces, this refreshing and fruity yusheng comprises a crunchy assortment of toppings such as lotus root chips, salmon fish skin and mouth-popping caviar of passionfruit and pomegranate seeds, topped with a homemade sauce of plum, apple, pineapple, and yuzu.

To symbolize the arrival of prosperity, pineapple-shaped Auspicious XL Prawn Ball with Bak Kwa Sauce is a golden-brown propitious combination of minced prawns, diced carrots and onions stuffed with special homemade bak kwa sauce. The flavourful sauce served on the side complements this crispy goodness.

Abundance Money Bag Stuffed with Crabmeat and Pork, bearing the uncanny resemblance to the ingot, is served with golden pumpkin sauce alongside “fa cai” (black moss). Gold foil and crunchy tobiko (flying fish roe) complete the decadent gastronomic experience.

Scallion Oil White Jade Noodle with Black Garlic Tiger Prawns is a luxurious take on the humble scallion oil noodle. An umami bomb of naturally aged black garlic sauce elevates the juicy and tender fresh tiger prawns to deliver a powerful punch of flavours.

Nostalgic and comforting, the simple yet elegant Truffled Jade Melon Rings Stuffed with Pork & Abalone is moist and brimming with nutritious cooked juices of the luxurious delicacy.

Glutinous Rice Wrapped in Lotus Leaf with Fresh Prawns and Garlic Spicy Sauce features fresh tiger prawns delicately coated with piquant garlic spicy sauce. A mixture of sliced fish, ginger and superior stock lends the glutinous rice depth and intensifies its flavours.

Not to be missed is the best-selling Double Delights Platter, consisting of Signature Honey Glazed Char Siew and Crispy Kurobuta Pork.

Chinese New Year Set Menus are available for dine-in from $118++ for 2 pax to $668++ for 10 pax. Takeaway Set Menu is available at $65+ per pax with a minimum of 2 to order.

Full of Luck Restaurant CNY 2021 – Takeaway Bundles Of Joy

If you prefer to have your blissful reunion at home, here are your takeaway bundles of joy.

Prosperity Lo Hei with Smoked Salmon and Yuzu Sauce

$55 (Regular) / $75 (Large)

Decadent Abalone Fortune Pot (Poon Choy)


Traditional Nian Gao (1.5 kg)


Water Chestnut Cake with Osmanthus (1.5 kg)


*takeaway items are subject to GST

Full of Luck Restaurant CNY 2021 – Credit Card Offers

Participating credit cardholders can redeem up to $50 worth of return vouchers for all dine-in bookings of Chinese New Year set menus. Participating credit cardholders can also enjoy 15% off all takeaway treasures.

Relish in a traditional feast of luxurious ingredients in the comfort of your home with signature Decadent Abalone Fortune Pot (Poon Choy), bundled with free delivery and exclusive only to Full of Luck Restaurant’s online platform (fullofluck.wallet.sg). The credit card promotion is valid from 1 February to 28 February 2021.

Order via an online platform (fullofluck.wallet.sg), call 6208 6845 or email hello@fullofluck.com for reservations or enquiries. You should also Like them on Facebook and follow them on Instagram: @fulloflucksg

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