Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza CNY 2021 Celebratory Delicacies

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This Lunar New Year, Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel presents a treasure trove of celebratory delicacies, perfect for family reunions and gatherings of 8 persons. From 8-course Prosperity Set Menus, a la carte delicacies or exquisitely-made Takeaway Treasures from Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant to Auspicious 8-Course Set Menus at Marriott Cafe and mouthwatering Takeaway Goodies, these Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza CNY 2021 celebratory offers are made to elevate your celebrations.

Show your loved ones that you treasure them with the gift of a resplendent Lunar New Year dining experience that will warm their stomachs and touch their hearts. With the opening of Phase 3, our gourmet offerings are specially tailored for intimate celebrations or groups of 8 persons, as well as to celebrate the number “eight”. After all, “eight” is the new number for Phase 3, and it is favoured for its symbolism of luck and wealth.

Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza CNY 2021  – Wan Hao Chinese Restuarant (20 January – 26 February)

Soar to the pinnacle of joy and prosperity with heartwarming celebrations filled with exquisite Cantonese flavours and goodness at Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant. Lauded for Cantonese gastronomy at its best, this Oriental paradise beckons with a flourish of bespoke 8-Course Set Menus, enticing à la carte Lunar New Year masterpieces and irresistible takeaway treats.

  • 8-Course Prosperity Set Menus – from $108.80++ per person (4 to 8 persons) to $2088++ per table
  • Lunar New Year A La Carte Delicacies
  • Lunar New Year Takeaway Treasures11 February 2021 (Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant)
  • Jubilant Lunar New Year Eve 8-Course Set Menus – from $118.80++ per person (4 to 8 persons) to $2098++ per table

Made to perfection with the finest ingredients and astute craftsmanship, new highlights not to be missed include the Lobster (Cooked) & Caviar Yu Sheng (鱼子酱波士顿龙虾捞起) with a choice of Traditional or Mandarin Orange Sauce;

Wan Hao “PI-Pa” Roast Duck (乳香琵琶鸭); Braised Giant Prawn with Salted Egg Cream Sauce (金沙奶油煎大海虾);

Crispy Pork Trotters with Fermented Red Rice Sauce (香糟汁伴金沙熏元蹄); Deep-Fried Lobster with Champagne Honey Sauce (香槟汁脆皮 龙虾球); Wok-Fried Beef Tenderloin with Fermented Red Rice Sauce (石锅红酒糟爆牛柳), Braised Boston Lobster with Black Truffle & Cheese in Superior Stock (黑松露芝士焗龙虾); and more. 

Making a debut this year is the Wan Hao Eight Treasures Imperial Pot with Bird’s Nest (贵妃煲) ($788++/6 persons). Replete with collagen, nutritional goodness and premium ingredients, this new creation will take your breath away with Bird’s Nest, 10-Head Australian Abalone, Fish Maw, Dace Fish Beancurd Bag, Live Prawns, Pork Tendons, Chicken and Japanese Shiitake Mushroom. That’s not all, in contrast to Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant’s popular Pen Cai, the superior broth for this treat is light and flavourful and contains nourishing ingredients such as chicken feet, old fowl, pork skin, and more.

Also in the spotlight is Wan Hao Imperial Pot of Prosperity Pen Cai with Australian 3-Head Abalone & Goose Feet 盆满钵满 (黄金盆菜) ($688++/6 persons) / ($1088++/8 to 10 persons). Suitable for the whole family with 14 luxuriant ingredients that symbolise goodness and auspicious meanings, experience the taste of opulence that will leave your mouth watering. A gastronomical centrepiece perfect for your Lunar New Year gatherings, this pot of treasure tantalises your palate with 3-Head Australian Abalone, Sea Cucumber, Fish Maw, Conpoy, Crispy Dried Oyster, Goose Feet, Drunken Chicken, Whole Pork Trotter, Black Moss Dace Fish Paste, Baby Chinese Cabbage, Black Moss, White Radish, Beancurd Skin and Broccoli.

According to Chinese tradition and beliefs, the tossing of Yu Sheng will bring forth a year oozing with good luck, prosperity and wealth. This Spring Festival, Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant is enhancing the onslaught of good fortune with not one but six types of Yu Sheng that will cater to a diversity of taste buds.

Toss to an auspicious year with a choice of Lobster, Scallop, Salmon, Tuna, Caviar & Crispy Fish Skin Yu Sheng (至尊鱼生捞起) (Large: $268++); Boston Lobster (Cooked) & Caviar Yu Sheng (鱼子酱波士顿龙虾捞起) (Large: $188++, Small: $108++); Mini Abalone & Crispy Fish Skin Yu Sheng (千孙鲍鱼捞起) (Large: $158++, Small: $88++); Smoked Duck Breast & Crispy Fish Skin Yu Sheng (熏鸭胸捞) (Large: $128++, Small: $68++); Pear & Avocado Vegetarian Yu Sheng (雪梨养身鱼生) (Large: $128++, Small: $68++).

Instead of the traditional sauce, you will be pampered with a choice of Mandarin Orange Sauce. Sweet yet refreshing and zesty sauce, which symbolises abundance and good fortune excites the palate with a sweet yet refreshing and zesty kick. That’s not all, crispy fish skin is added to the Yu Sheng for that gratifying crunch and texture. Add-ons such as Sea Urchin, Sliced Australian Abalone are also available.

Reunions with family and friends are made sweeter with Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel tempting takeaway treats such as Golden Nian Gao Tarts with Purple Sweet Potato (紫薯年糕挞) ($32nett/ 8 pieces) or Japanese Red Bean (日本红豆年糕挞) ($28nett/ 8 pieces). Don’t forget to choose from the all-time Lunar New Year favourites such as Koi Fish Fresh Mango Pudding 鲤跃龙 门(香芒锦鲤布丁) ($52nett/6 persons); Golden Nian Gao Tarts with Cempedak 金玉满堂 (金蜜年糕挞 ($32nett/ 8 pieces); Golden Nian Gao Tarts with Yam 恭喜发财(椰汁芋香年糕挞) ($28nett/ 8 pieces), and many more.

For dining reservations, call 6831 4605, email [email protected] or visit

Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza CNY 2021 – Marriott Cafe (11 – 13 February)

Usher in the Year of Ox in splendour and celebrate new beginnings with family, friends and business associates over propitious Lunar New Year Set Menus that feature crowd favourites and novel creations.

8-Course Jubilant Reunions Set Menus – from $88++ per person

Yu Sheng or Lo-hei is a must-have at every reunion table as it symbolises well-wishes, blessings and starting off the New Year on an auspicious note. This Lunar New Year, toss your way to greater heights of good fortune and health with Marriott Cafe’s Eight Happiness Yu Sheng. Feast your way to prosperity with highlights such as Eight Treasures Assorted Seafood Broth; Braised Abalone with Mushroom, Seasonal Greens & Superior Sauce; Roast Chicken with Garlic; Wok-Fried Glutinous Rice with Chinese Sausage & Crispy Rice, and more.

For dining reservations, call 6831 4605, email [email protected] or visit

Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza CNY 2021 – Gifts Of Prosperity (20 January – 11 February)

The spring festival is about celebrating a new harvest and reuniting with your loved ones over a resplendent feast. Let our culinary maestros do all the cooking for you while you sit back and enjoy the joys of the season.

Alternatively, send your well-wishes of good luck and fortune to family, friends and business partners with a smorgasbord of delightful treats and festive favourites. Highlights comprise of Signature Pineapple Tarts ($44nett); Bak-Kwah Cornflake Cookies ($44nett); Crispy Marshmallow Chocolate Cookies ($40nett); Crispy Rice Cornflake Slices ($40nett); Golden Nian Gao Tarts with Purple Sweet Potato ($32nett), Japanese Red Bean ($28nett), Cempedak ($32nett) or Yam ($28nett); Eight Treasures Cake ($66nett), and more.

For pre-order of Takeaway Goodies, please call 6831 4708, visit or visit our hotel’s Lunar New Year booth (by the hotel entrance).

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