Attractions Which Put Bucharest On Tourism Maps

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Bucharest is a city of contrasts. In “Little Paris” you will literally find large modern buildings next to beautifully decorated churches standing adjacent to grey communist buildings. The city’s architectural styles clearly show the nation’s immense cultural diversity – something definitely worth experiencing first hand. Besides enjoying the urban splendour, Bucharest’s citizens are open-hearted, nightlife is bustling with activity, and prices are quite affordable compared to western standards. Without further ado, here are some of the most popular as well as peculiar attractions, which definitely deserve a mark on your travel map…

Palace of the Parliament

When you travel to Bucharest, definitely take the time to see this grand brutalist structure. The Parliament Palace is located in the city centre and is deemed the heaviest building in the world. Not only that but it is also one of the largest administrative buildings, with 3,100 rooms spread over 12 floors and a total surface area of 4 million square feet. Inside, you can walk through lavishly decorated marble corridors, check out the tunnel which Nicolae Ceausescu used to flee the revolution and visit the balconies for a breathtaking view of the cityscape.

Stag do holiday in Bucharest

Most people are still not aware of this fact but Bucharest is on its way to becoming one of the best stags do destinations of Europe. With a lively clubbing scene, gorgeous girls, and inexpensive hotels and drinks, the Romanian capital has elbowed its way towards the top of Europe’s urban adventures.

Whether you are just staying for a couple of nights or planning an entire stag do holiday, the city is sure to provide you with a memorable experience. Here are some of the most popular stag do activities Bucharest has to offer:

  • Skydiving at 4000m with an incredible view of the Danube and the Carpathians
  • Ferrari test driving with an engine that has a staggering 8000rmp
  • Indulge in a kart race where you can show your competitive spirit
  • Test your shooting skills – discover which one of your friends is a secret agent or maybe just playing too many computer games.
  • Enjoy the legendary atmosphere and party until you fall in some of Bucharest’s most prominent clubs.
  • Enjoy a full Eastern European-style body massage
  • Chill and unwind in Europe’s largest wellness, recreation, and entertainment center called the Therme.

National Museum of Bucharest

The next target on the list should be the National Museum of Bucharest. This museum consists of forty-one rooms and follows the nation’s economic, political and social journey from the prehistoric times to the 1920s. The most exciting exhibition is undoubtedly the Treasury of the State down in the basement.

The hall is filled with glittering gold jewels from various historical periods as well as unique curiosities from the Neolithic period. This is the largest and best museum in Bucharest and thus the best way to sharpen your knowledge about the culture and history of Romania.

Old Town

If you are interested in immersing yourself in the very essence of Bucharest’s, go to the Old Town. It covers a large area of land and houses gorgeous well-preserved 19th-century buildings, ruins of the medieval mansion of Wallachia, numerous restaurants, cobbled streets, and many other monuments. The People’s Museum located in the famous Herastrau Park is another interesting go-to site if you want to learn about the nation’s customs, folklore, and rituals.

It is an open-air museum which hosts more than 300 traditional buildings as well as items such as clothing, ceramics, and furniture. The Plaza de la Revolución has a monument dedicated to all the people who died in the Romanian revolution in 1989. Arco del Triunfo is another historical place, which explains why the city has “Little Paris” for a nickname. Plus, it has a long history of reconstruction to commemorate the victories won in various historic battles.

Cismigiu Garden

The parks and designated green areas of Bucharest are, without a doubt, the best places to stop, relax, and bathe in the sun. The Cismigiu garden is one of the most beautiful in the city and also the oldest.

It is located in the city centre and is a popular gathering place for locals. Whether you visit Bucharest during winter or summer, this garden serves both for public skating and boat rentals – there is always some excitement to be found here! Of course, it is also ideal for picnics and lunch breaks at noon so make sure to visit the iconic restaurants scattered about.


What makes Bucharest so unique is its amalgamation of styles and cultures. This is a lively place that welcomes all its guests with open arms. Considering that the nation has escaped the oppressive clutches of its communist regime in 1989, they have come a long way for just 30 years.

The city is constantly changing and evolving but you can distinctly see the traces of its past and the struggles it had to endure to be where it is today. Without a doubt, Bucharest has charm and sustenance so book your tickets today and discover its hidden gems for yourself!

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