Best Activities To Do When On Vacation In Ethiopia

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Ethiopia offers access to great culture, a vast history and many natural attractions. It is home to some of the world’s most rare species, inhabiting unique formations and landscapes. The country has the world’s best coffee culture, as well as hospitable people. If you are planning a vacation, you should consider travelling to Ethiopia. You will explore different scenes, enjoy social festivals and take in ancient ruins that are linked to major events in Christianity and Islam. Here are some activities that will help make your Ethiopian vacation memorable.

Exploring the Danakil Depression

Located in the Afar Triangle, the Danakil Depression is a flat plane that is described as the source of life. The plane measures roughly 124 by 30 miles and lies about 412 feet below sea level. The region has a number of volcanoes, some of which are active today. It receives little rainfall and is often marked by large sun-cracked patches of earth.

The hydrothermal fields of the volcanoes within the area create an exciting environment. You will get the chance to explore multi-coloured salt deposits, miniature geysers and hot springs. The multi-coloured deposits arising out of different type of dissolved rock salt is an unmissable spectacle.

The region is the hottest place on earth in regards to annual averages. If you are travelling, you should consider stocking up on refreshments to prevent any medical emergencies as a result of prolonged exposure to heat.

Locals suggest that the spring water works wonders for skin. You should make sure to bring insulated fetching containers to avoid being scalded by the hot water. You can enjoy a quick meal by packing raw eggs and boiling them over the hot springs.

Travelling to Erta Ale

The region is relatively unknown and unexplored. It is located in the Afar depression, which is an active volcanic region in Northeastern Ethiopia. Erta Ale is a permanently active volcano, with its current eruption ongoing for the past 13 years.

Locals refer to Erta Ale as the “Gateway to Hell” because of its continuous state of eruption and the difficulty in travelling. Erta Arte has appeared in a number of popular films because of its daunting nature.

Due to the active state of the volcano, air travel is not compatible with the area. You will not get to the peak of the volcano. However, you can enjoy nearby lava lakes, where you will observe a fusion of two aspects of nature.

The region is relatively safe but was prone to militia attacks on tourists earlier in the decade. When travelling to the region, you should recruit at least one armed police guard. If you are travelling with a tour group, you should consider only tours that guarantee armed protection by military guards of the police.

The traditional coffee ceremony

 Few things beat a cup of coffee from the world’s premier source of beans. One of these is having the best coffee in the world ground up and prepared over a searing cooking stove as you wait.

If drinking Ethiopian coffee will rekindle your love for the beverage, the Ethiopian coffee ceremony will make it a memorable experience.

The coffee ceremony is usually offered by friends but may be enjoyed in a small selection of local hotels. During the ceremony, dried coffee beans are ground and roasted with frankincense and other aromatic spices. The drink is served hot and shared over a pleasant conversation.

The coffee ceremony is not restricted to a specific time. However, you may need to ask a few locals for direction to some of the hotels that may offer the ceremony. For the full experience, you should enjoy the ceremony with other people.

Wildlife and bird-watching

There are a number of rare animals that can only be found within the Simien Mountains, which has significantly contributed to its elevation into a UNESCO heritage site. The rare Gelada Baboon, which looks like a cross between a monkey and lion, is endemic to this region.

The Gelada baboon is popular because of its unique characteristics. It has been nicknamed the bleeding heart baboon because of a red tuft of hair across its chest, which marvels visitors and scientists alike because of its social significance for the animals. For female baboons, it identifies their reproductive stage, helping the male choose a mate better. In male baboons, the hue of the tuft represents their standing within the baboon community.

The Simien Mountains are also home to the Simian fox and the rare Walia Ibex. You can also enjoy bird watching in the area. If you are lucky, you will get to observe the rare blue-winged goose, Rouget’s Rail and white-cheeked Turaco.

Visiting Somaliland 

Somalia, which is inclusive of the Republic of Somaliland, is a beautiful coastal country that has a lot to offer in regards to tourism. However, the country has been inaccessible for over 20 years. It is still unsafe for visitors. The Republic of Somaliland, a constituent part of Somalia, has developed into a safe region that upholds law and order. The safety of visitors is particularly of high concern in this region. You can enjoy the beauty that Somalia has to offer by visiting the Republic of Somaliland.

There is only one place through which Somaliland is accessible. To enjoy the pristine beaches and cultural history that Somaliland has to offer, you will need to read more.

Final thought

The country has a flexible visa policy. You should contact relevant authorities to know whether you need to apply for an Ethiopia visa before making your trip, or whether you are eligible for a visa on arrival.

The activities listed above will help you experience a different side of Ethiopia. You can find even more great attractions that you might not otherwise have experienced.

Ethiopia is easily accessible by air, with regular flights scheduled at the recently expanded Bole International Airport. People who are eligible for an on-arrival visa will only need to pay a $50 for a month-long stay, or $70 for a three-month stay.

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