Riga Travel Guide – What To See & Do In Beautiful Riga

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Maybe you haven’t heard of this fact before, but Riga holds the title as “The Baltic Berlin” thanks to its hip attitude and cutting-edge approach to entertainment and music. Nestled at the crossroads of Northern and Eastern Europe, this energized city is the biggest metropolis in the Baltics with historic footprints embedded by Swedish kings, German knights, and Soviet commissars. If you ever plan on dropping by Latvia’s capital, here are some interesting Riga travel guide and suggestions that will make your stay all the more memorable. 

Things to do in Riga

Interestingly enough, stag parties in Riga are some of the most exciting weekend activities that take place in its vibrant downtown streets. It may not be the warmest city on the planet, but this Slavic-German fiery blonde hosts a rich nightlife that takes drinking, music, and lively gatherings to a whole new level.

However, if you seek to absorb its culture and tradition, head on over to the Old Town, which used to be one of the Hanseatic centres packed with historic city walls, colourful houses, repurposed warehouses, and churches. Renovated after the fall of Communism, the entire district today looks and feels like one giant open museum.

In the middle of Riga, you will stumble upon Bastejkalna and Esplanade Parks to name a few, where both locals and foreigners go to wine and dine, exercise, play chess, and just chill out after work. Not far is the Opera House, a must-see on your Riga itinerary, and if you plan on absorbing local art, know that a warehouse-turned-gallery called Zuzeum will open in 2019 to your definite amazement.

800 years of turbulent history transformed Riga into an amalgamation of architectural styles. Just toss a glance across the city’s skyline and you will see Gothic spires and rooftops melding with one of the world’s richest collections of Art Nouveau facades. You can even see distinctions among German, Russian, Dutch, Italian, and Swedish styles as you walk down the Old Town’s iconic narrow cobblestone streets, which are included in UNESCO’s World Heritage list.

The youth will also love the fact that Riga is the Wi-Fi capital of Europe with over 1,000 spots for free online access.

Getting around the city is cheap and quite easy to manage thanks to the well-developed network of trolleybuses. However, walking through the entire city is stress-free and common-practice among the locals.

Accommodations can be found everywhere across the city, ranging from artsy Pullman with tasteful decor and breakfast buffet to classy Grand Poet complete with big pool, saunas, and a relaxing basement spa. And definitely head to the Skyline Bar on the 26th floor to get those perfect aerial shots of the city.


Get packing and cracking because Riga is just dying for you to explore it. Bring your friends and prepare to enjoy a vibrant party scene that will add perfectly to your travel photo album. Whether you came to celebrate your stag do weekend with your mates or want to immerse yourself in pure Latvian flair, pin Riga on your map and book a plane ticket today!


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