Carbone Hong Kong – Happy 50th Birthday To The Red Sauce Juggernaut

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Carbone Hong Kong, the fancy red-sauce joint with a lust for excess and penchant for sheer entertainment celebrated the clichés of its genre for half a decade. A testament to the evergreen appeal of Italian-American dining and no mean feat in a city where restaurants come and go with the seasons. Mario Carbone’s time-honoured approach and homage to American-Italian cuisine have, since its inception, been bringing people the food they enjoy the most in generous portions served in an atmosphere that evokes a bygone era.

Carbone Hong Kong – How It All Started

“When we opened Carbone Hong Kong five years ago I thought of it as an extension of New York, but it is wonderful to see how it has established itself as its own entity with its own swagger, its own characters and most importantly its own loyal family of guests, many of whom probably don’t know or care that there is a Carbone in New York. This city has brought its own energy and vibrancy to the restaurant and has become inspirational for me and my cuisine each time I return. It is a place that I now think of as home,” comments Mario Carbone. 

Along with Mario Carbone, the Hong Kong team is joined by his ensemble of NYC captains for the duration of the events, who will bring their signature flair to the dining room, including the infamous and wise-cracking Louie Carbone (Mario’s cousin) who opened the restaurant in Hong Kong. New York and Hong Kong share many similarities, including a population that are generally too busy to look up from their phones in most of their daily interactions. At Carbone the service is as finessed as the food and guests are forced, in the best possible way, to engage with and enjoy the show.

Carbone Hong Kong – 50th Birthday Celebrations

The festivities kick off with a celebratory four-course lunch and wine pairings menu ($488 per person) that showcases the greatest hits of the last five years.

Available 30 September through 11 October, this special menu showcases cult classic dishes including Caesar alla ZZ, the satisfying Spicy Vodka Rigatoni and the ever-popular Chicken Parmesan. The wine pairings have been carefully selected by Carbone’s team of expert sommeliers resulting in a purposefully crafted Italian wine menu that complements and enhances each dish.

The celebrations continue as BELON welcomes Chef Mario Carbone for one night only on 9 October. Best known as the chef that made America fall back in love with red sauce, Chef Mario Carbone is so much more. A classically trained chef, Mario is the culinary force behind Major Food Group’s three Michelin Stars, 18 New York Times Stars and two nominations for Best New Restaurants in America by the James Beard Foundation. Experience Mario’s New York through an exclusive five-course dinner ($1888 per person) that reads like a love letter to the city and its myriad of culinary influences.

As any great celebratory affair should, Carbone’s fifth anniversary comes to a raucous close on 12 October with an all-singing, all-dancing, black-tie evening promising all the glitz and pizzazz of 1950s New York. With a menu cooked and curated by Mario Carbone, guests are treated to a menu of elevated classics, including Baked Clams, Veal Parmesan and Lobster Fra Diavolo, culminating, of course, with cake. It is a birthday party after all.

Expect a spectacular dinner show, entertainment (all the way from Las Vegas) and dancing until the small hours. This extravagant one night only dining experience make this a Hong Kong celebration that cannot be missed. Limited tickets are available and are priced at $2488 per person. 

“Over the last five years, Carbone has become Hong Kong’s favourite red sauce joint and has hosted countless special occasions, from birthdays to promotions, to engagements and even weddings. Carbone has become the city’s go-to when there is a reason to throw a party and we think that in itself is a reason to celebrate,” comments Black Sheep Restaurants Co-founder, Syed Asim Hussain.

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