Wan Hao Crab Creations – Classic & Creative Interplay Of Sri Lankan Crabs

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Few things stir passion in locals like food do, and among the endless options we are spoilt for, crabs remain one of Singapore’s favourite type of seafood. From 4 November to 27 December 2019, Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant (万豪軒) will scintillate the taste buds of gourmands with an alluring Sri Lankan Crab menu, featuring both classic and creative interplays of the beloved crustacean. Look forward to tantalising flavours of meaty Sri Lankan Crabs, expertly curated the freshest premium ingredients and masterful culinary techniques.

Wan Hao Crab Creations – 8 Exquisite Crab Creations 

The celebrated Sri Lankan crab, also known as mud crab, is famed for its luscious and succulent pearly white meat. Brimming with fresh, naturally sweet flavour, it truly is a prized gem of the oceans. This year-end, award-winning Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant brings you eight exquisite à la carte creations inspired by this coveted variety of crustacean, including Deep-Fried Singapore Style White Pepper Crab Bun (黄金白胡椒蟹包) ($8++ for 2 pieces); Poached Crab Dumpling with Crab Roe Superior Stock (蟹粉上汤伴蟹肉水饺) ($16++ for 2 pieces); Deep-Fried Crab with Chicken Floss & Salted Egg (黄日肉松斯里兰卡蟹) ($50++ per 550-600g portion); Braised Crab with Green Chilli Sauce & Superior Stock (青椒浓汤斯里兰卡蟹) ($56++ per 550-600g portion); Braised Crab with Vermicelli & Superior Stock (斯里兰卡蟹焖粉) ($58++ per 550-600g portion); Steamed Crab with Glutinous Rice & Minced Pork in Lotus Leaf (荷香斯里兰卡蟹肉末蒸糯米) ($58++ per 550- 600g portion), and more.

Wan Hao Crab Creations – Crab Creation Highlights

A must-try this year is the Deep-Fried Singapore Style White Pepper Crab Bun, which incorporates the traditional white pepper crab – a timeless favourite of Singaporeans. Imparting traditional, comforting flavours paired with premium, tender Sri Lankan crab meat, each crispy golden-brown bun encases a piping hot treasure with a satisfying kick of white pepper. Have your crab and eat it too – this dish comes without the hassle of dealing with shells!

Also making its debut is Braised Crab with Green Chilli Sauce & Superior Stock, which also brilliantly marries the mild, sweet flavour of crab with vivacious spice. Featuring a whole crab, this innovative dish utilises fresh ingredients such as green chilli, Chinese parsley and Chinese celery. Diners will be elevated to gastronomic heights as they savour the restaurant’s superior stock, made from scratch in-house. The base of the stock, made with old fowl, chicken feet and more, is boiled for four to six hours, allowing the abundance of nutrients from the ingredients to seep through. The result? A stock that is intensely nourishing, rich and bursting in flavour.

A sumptuous and addictive crowd favourite, the Deep-Fried Crab with Chicken Floss & Salted Egg is making a comeback this year. Both ingredients that have a special place in the hearts of Singaporeans, chicken floss and salted egg are paired together in this simply irresistible dish. Each whole, the hard-shelled crustacean is coated in a deliciously aromatic concoction of curry powder, deep-fried garlic, chicken floss and salted egg. The crab is expertly deep-fried such that its flesh stays sweet and firm, teasing the palate with an enigmatic medley of savoury and sweet flavours.

For those who inclined towards classic and mild flavours lacking in spice, delight in Braised Crab with Vermicelli and Superior Stock which embodies Nanyang culinary sensibilities. An entire Sri Lankan crab is braised in luxurious signature superior stock and served with fine rice vermicelli, each strand of which is richly coated in the smooth, flavourful stock. Enjoy a plethora of flavours with each mouthful of meaty, fresh crab and vermicelli!

Wan Hao Crab Creations – Make Your Reservations Now

Sri Lankan Crab Creations

Address: Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant | Period: 4 November to 27 December 2019 | Price: À la carte delicacies – from $8++ per portion

For dining reservations, please call 6831 4605 or visit singaporemarriott.com/dining.

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