14 Best Houseboats In Kashmir: A Treat For Nature Buffs!

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Imagine one of those romantic nights when you’re looking out over the intricately carved cedar-wood railings of a luxurious yacht moored along the shores of Dal Lake. Imagine someone special at your side, and imagine you can see the Great Himalayas right in front of you. Also, you should think of the most beautiful houseboats that you can find in Kashmir! Your musings about the world will only be fulfilled by houseboats, one of the main attractions of Kashmir.

Alongside the appearance of stunning artwork, the houses in Kashmir are also decorated by the serene nature on every angle. In contrast to the houseboats of the backwaters in Kerala, which are usually in motion and afloat, the Kashmiri houseboats are stunningly decorated and anchored by the lake’s shoreline. The warm hosts and the delicious Kashmiri food make a stay on one of these boats popular with many!

14 Best Houseboats In Dal Lake In Kashmir

Houseboats, also referred to as floating homes, offer unique accommodation options for guests. Here are the most popular houseboats on Dal Lake in Kashmir that you could consider staying in! Have a look!

1. Butt’s Clermont Houseboats: Feel Of Different Eras!

Famous for its comfortable and cosy rooms, the Clermont Houseboats of Butt’s situated on the shores to the west of Dal Lake is an idyllic getaway. The houseboat, recognized for being among the most beautiful houseboats in Kashmir has a view of Naseem Bagh – the 400 years old Mughal Garden known for its famous Chinar trees.

They also offer trekking to those who love to travel. With the stunning beauty of lotus flowers around, What else can you want?

2. Royal Group Of Houseboats: Experience The Regalia

Set in a stunning location of the Mahadev Mountain Range, the Royal Group of Houseboats makes an ideal holiday within Dal Lake by catering to unmatchable experiences. Almost all Jammu Kashmir Tour Packages include Royal Group of Houseboats. The most appealing aspect of the Royal Group of Houseboats in Kashmir is that, while they let you enjoy the beauty of the area, they also allow you to enjoy the most privacy possible in the world.

In addition to an additional corridor, the houseboats are also equipped with food and pantry facilities and dedicated staff to assist passengers efficiently.

3. Royal Dandoo Palace Group of Houseboats: A Deluxe Stay!

At 2 kilometers from Lal Chowk City, Royal Dandoo Palace Group of Houseboats is one of the most popular Kashmir boat houses. The wooden-paneled homes, the hand-made crafts, and a cozy fireplace make this houseboat an attractive option on this part of Dal Lake.

The houseboat’s owners can also organize bird-watching tours and picnics. Shalimar, along with Nishat Bagh, at 6 km, is the most popular place to have a picnic close to the houseboat.

4. Lighthouse Group Of Houseboats: An Excellent Stay!

Enjoy a romantic evening on a shikara around Dal Lake, experience the local Kashmiri cuisine. The Lighthouse Group is counted among the most luxurious houseboats available within Kashmir, and the thrill of being on board is extraordinary. You will be treated to warm hospitality and stunning views of the majestic Himalayas around the Lighthouse Group, among the most prestigious mid-priced houseboats in Dal Lake.

5. Mughal Sheraton Group Of Houseboats: Paradise On Earth!

Get ready to be transported into the world of dreams in the Mughal Sheraton Group of Houseboats. The luxuriously furnished boat will leave you amazed and is the perfect topping on your Kashmir excursion.

The authorities of the houseboat also offer various travel packages for tourists.

6. Savoy Group Of Houseboats: Traditional Stay!

Another well-known attraction in Kashmir is the Savoy Group of Houseboats, a tranquil escape in Dal Lake. It is a perfect spot to get into the peace of nature. The houseboats have been an absolute favorite for artists, painters, and travelers since the days of the British Raj. TripAdvisor rates them for being among the top home boats to be found in Kashmir by satisfied guests. The houseboat is the perfect retreat for you. Traditional curtains, hand-made fabrics, and linen, as well as interiors made from the local walnut timber, will amaze you.

7. Young Bombay Group Of Houseboats: Vibrant & Majestic

Enjoy the Kashmiri lifestyle the traditional way. See the splendor that is evident in the neatly constructed interiors that are a masterpiece of art. Clean rooms, large beds, and deliciously prepared Kashmiri food explain how the home boat has become sought-after by mid-range houseboats in Dal Lake.

8. Naaz Kashmir: Houseboat Of Your Dreams

Staying in Naaz Kashmir means that your desire to stay in the most luxurious Kashmir houseboat is addressed. You will wake up to a beautiful morning, go on a beautiful Shikhara tour, have delicious food, or go on a water-skiing trip and arrange a barbecue dinner! This sounds like the perfect time to vacation at Nigeen Lake!

WiFi and other modern amenities perfectly complement the elegant interiors of this charming houseboat. Get aboard and enjoy the cozy and warm environment as this is one of the most luxurious houseboats to stay on in Kashmir. Bicycles on rent, separate library facilities, and travel guides are additional amenities that will make your stay memorable.

9. Butterfly Group Of Houseboats: Luxe Stay!

It is believed that the Butterfly Houseboats offer excellent stay and an array of leisure facilities, bringing the honor of being among the most luxurious houseboats in Kashmir to plan an unforgettable vacation. The adjacent garden and the well-appointed staff and parking spaces for guests make Butterfly Houseboat an ideal stay in Nigeen Lake. If you are planning a business trip or an outing with the family, the 5-star houseboat is equipped to make your stay unforgettable. It’s one of the top houseboats you can find in Kashmir.

10. New Jacquline Houseboats: A Quaint World In Waters!

The grass is a lot greener in this area. It is located next to Nigeen Club. Nigeen Club towards the western edge at the west end of Nigeen Lake, the New Jacquline Houseboats are the perfect place. In the summer months, the houseboats’ tranquil surroundings can be a relaxing getaway away from the bustle of urban life.

Make a reservation to stay here and enjoy the most satisfactory service Kashmiri food and stunning panoramas from your deck. In summer, lush greenery and snow-capped peaks during winter are waiting to charm you. Access to land and parking is another notable aspect of the new Jacquline Houseboats.

11. Peacock Houseboats: Ancient Yet Elegant Way

Nigeen Lake. The interior is well laid out with rooms with carpets, as well as modern amenities such as satellite color television and internet access, and Peacock Houseboat is the Kashmir houseboat you’ve been seeking all through. The elegant interiors, 3-star amenities, and excellent service provide Peacock Houseboats an ideal stay on Nigeen Lake. Complete power backup laundry, doctor-on-call, and laundry are among the top amenities offered at the houseboat.

12. New Golden Flower Heritage Houseboat: Of Motifs & Intricacy!

New Golden Flower Heritage Houseboat offers a tranquil stay along the shores of Nigeen Lake. The houseboat is well-known for its stunning beauty and is packed with modern conveniences. The houseboat located in Kashmir may be the perfect place to stay with the unbeatable experience you’ve been seeking throughout the entire time. Private parking and free internet access and a mini-library, and private dining space are among the additional features that create New Golden Flower Heritage, one of the most luxurious houseboats available in Kashmir.

13. Shelter Group Of Houseboats: One Of The Oldest!

A pioneer of the most luxurious houseboats located in Kashmir, Shelter Group of Houseboats is the perfect retreat for those seeking the ultimate vacation in Kashmir. The houseboat, constructed of wooden panels, houses ten houseboats that vary in size. The accommodation options range from 3 bedrooms up to 2 bedrooms.

Excellent amenities and a perfect adventure make Shelter Group of Houseboats one of the top 5-star accommodations. Prepare yourself for an unforgettable stay.

14. De-Laila Group Of Houseboats: An Awe-Inspiring Stay

Near the city’s center, located close to the city center, the De-Laila Group is a Kashmir boathouse that pampers guests how they were treated in the past. Fantastic food, flawless service, and the boat’s ease from the city center make De-Laila an ideal Kashmir houseboat rental. Be on the lookout for the intriguing artwork and designs on the interiors and a great area in the vicinity. The stay here is one of the most extravagant things you’ll do for a while.

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